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  1. 1. Technology working harder for your business 5 technology priorities driving Oneserve field service management software
  2. 2. Oneserve Make Technology Work Harder for your Business 2 Introducing Oneserve: fast, flexible and easy to use. Are you looking to new technology and better, smoother processes to drive your customer service and improve your bottom line? Are you considering the use of technology to drive productivity and efficiency of your mobile workforce? These are just a few challenges businesses like yours are facing when looking for technology that will help to increase productivity, improve visibility and drive greater collaboration. To date, the industry has responded by creating rigid systems that are only able to meet customers requirements after a difficult, lengthy and expensive implementation process. At Oneserve, we dont think this is good enough. One size does not fit all. In fact, it is this thinking that has shaped Oneserves business and led us to develop the most flexible, easy to use and quick to implement, field service management software available today. Our enterprise-level field service management software provides all the tools you need to increase productivity, improve visibility and drive greater collaboration within your business and your supply chain. Heres how: Fast Oneserve can be up and running in as little as 12 weeks. Cloud based, it is one of the fastest products on the market, reducing costly implementation times, quickly delivering a return on investment. Flexible Our software has been created to flex to our clients needs. We ensure seamless integration and unlimited scalability bespoke to you business requirements. Easy to use Our solution is designed around you. Its simple interface and accessible format means employees can be quickly trained to use the technology, ensuring Oneserve is rapidly embedded in their working practices.
  3. 3. Oneserve Make Technology Work Harder for your Business 3 Our aim is to provide technology that works harder for your business. Technology that makes a difference by helping you to make smarter decisions, improve efficiencies and ultimately, transform your organisations performance. Here, we share with you the top tech priorities that drive the development of our field service software. 1. Cloud-based technology working for you Oneserves software is cloud-based, which means increased efficiency, flexibility and mobility. It will also provide you with huge cost savings, built-in scalability and low IT costs. We also provide Software as a service (SaaS) which means your data is hosted in our secure centre and accessed remotely (the cloud bit). This frees you from the expensive costs and restrictions you get with on-site hardware. Why the cloud is great for your business: Super-quick installation and low maintenance costs No hardware support costs Free and automatic software upgrades Fair subscription-based pricing Unlimited scalability: up or down, there are no expensive changes to hardware 5 technology priorities driving Oneserve field service management software
  4. 4. Oneserve Make Technology Work Harder for your Business 4 2. Fully mobile: Anywhere, any time, on any device With the Oneserve mobile application you can connect quickly and reliably with your mobile workforce, getting updates delivered from the field in real-time. The app design is clean and intuitive so employees need little additional training. And because its been built using HTML5, they can access it on their own existing devices. Weve used HTML5 for our mobile application so the system is entirely browser based, easier to access and quicker to set up! Its simple to update, which means we can make continuous improvements like photo integration and improved charts on the mobile app. Some of the benefits of using Oneserves mobile application: Use on any mobile or tablet device that supports HTML5: iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and more All upgrades to the software are automatic and free Schedule appointments and capture data directly on your field workers mobile If internet connectivity is lost, the app will securely store data and immediately update when reconnected (local storage) 3. Speedy integration Flexible and effective integration is a key part of the Oneserve offering. Well work in a way that suits you, whether thats web service to web service integration, or through our separate integration platform, Talend. Talend is a rapid agnostic platform built solely to deal with integration, which has helped make our interfaces more robust and easier to maintain. It enables clients to build their own interface packages, using the tools of their choice, which connect to our web services. Why Oneserves integration is out-performing the competition: One of the fastest integrations on the market; little dev time needed Flexible model: undertake integration on your own, or with support Separate integration platform to improve integration speed and reduce cost
  5. 5. Oneserve Make Technology Work Harder for your Business 5 4. Absolute security Secure data, quickly delivered Weve invested in industry-leading security to give you total peace of mind and let you focus on your business, free from distraction. Your data is totally secure. And heres how: Full data security and physical security Servers and data housed in a tier-3 data centre PCI Data Security Standard certification Continuous update and review policy Best of breed resilience Our virtual server technology is available at every level. We leverage multiple hardware resources for optimal performance and seamless failover and recovery. 5. Rigorous testing We have a network of secure and connected servers meaning that if one fails, another simply takes over. Theres no interruption to your service. On the development side weve created a quick and efficient test-driven environment. If a bug is raised, we write a test into our automated testing system. This ensures that should that problem reoccur it will be automatically identified and our developers can fix it before the version is released to customers. Heres how our continuous testing means you get guaranteed availability: Automatic tests and updates Safety and resilience: daily platform, software, app and data back-ups Agile development process provides faster development, quicker solutions and on-going improvements Continuous collaboration with customers to identify and rectify potential bugs
  6. 6. Oneserve Make Technology Work Harder for your Business 6 Our field service management software will transform the way you work and will deliver value that otherwise would be very difficult to realise. Oneserve has been innovatively developed to be easy to use, fast to implement and simple to configure. Here are just a few benefits our technology can provide you with: Quick ROI Oneserve delivers a very quick return on investment providing all the tools required to optimise workflow, boost workforce productivity, reduce cost and improve service revenue. Seamless Integration Oneserve is a unified solution built in one core code so our entire infrastructure is unified and accessible on a single platform. That ensures seamless integration, unlimited scalability and no expensive bolt-on software. Fast, flexible and easy to use Oneserve is simple to configure, intuitive to use and designed around you. Our implementation team will configure the software to meet your specific business needs and you can be up and running in as little as 12 weeks. Complete visibility Oneserve provides you with unrivalled real time visibility of your operational performance all within easy to understand analytics and dashboards utilising data that is continuously updated from the field. Smarter collaboration Oneserve is designed to make everyone across your supply chain work better together. With your workforce, contractors and suppliers all using the same software seeing the same information at the same time collaboration and therefore productivity is significantly improved. Customer experience: a new way to engage Oneserve provides the information, communication and the workflow to provide you with a more efficient way of engaging with your customers. You will be able to deliver a customer experience that drives both retention and repeat business. Why Oneserve
  7. 7. Oneserve Make Technology Work Harder for your Business 7 Were Oneserve: the most exciting and cost effective field service management solution provider on the market today. Oneserve combines software, service and technology, providing you with everything you need to transform the performance of your business. Our enterprise level field service management software provides all the tools you need to increase productivity, improve visibility and drive greater collaboration within your business and your supply chain all from one cloud based, unified platform. To find out more, please give us a call on 01392 367367 or visit our website RequestafreedemoofOneservesfieldservicemanagementsoftware With Oneserves software, you can transform the performance of your business. Our technology is simple to configure, intuitive to use and designed around you, helping you to optimise workflow and boost workforce productivity. Request a free demo with our team to find out how you can: See immediate workforce productivity and utilisation gains Improve your bottom line by driving a right first time culture Discover a new way to transform customer experience About Oneserve FREE DEMO
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