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Food wastePlanning Office, Laholm MunicipalityTelephone switchboard 0430-150 00Read more at it easier to do the right thing in the right wayFrom autumn 2018, the new household waste sorting system will be introduced in Laholm Municipality to reduce our environmental impact and increase the level of recycling. The current green bins will be replaced by two larger bins, each divided into four compartments.All households, both permanent residents and part-time residents. Not sorting your waste is actually a legal offence. The new household waste sorting system simply makes it easier to do the right thing. In the right way.No, the procedures for waste collection have been determined by the municipality. Important arguments for this are cost efficiency and good logistics. However, most essential of all is the fact that first-rate environmentally-adapted waste management systems aim to be relevant for and cover everyone. Will the charge for waste collec-tion be increased? Who is affected? For permanent residents, emptying of bin 1 (picture above) is included every two weeks. Emptying of bin 2 (picture above) will be every four weeks.For part-time residents, emptying of bin 1 is included every two weeks and bin 2 every four weeks from April to September. Between October and April you can request for your bins to be emptied twice.Collection of bulky waste will be included in the service contract, while garden waste will be an additional service. Current collection of hazardous waste and electrical waste from the property will cease and be replaced by an alternative procedure.What will the procedure be for waste collection?Are there other options for waste collection?You can find out more about the new household waste sorting system at and watch videos showing how collection will work, for example. Clear glassMetal packagingColoured glassMiscellaneous wasteNewspapersDID YOU KNOW?: Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. Recycling one glass bottle provides enough energy to keep a light bulb lit for 4 hours. It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than to produce it. It takes 70% less energy to recycle plastic than to produce it. It takes 40% less energy to recycle glass than to produce it. Plastic bags and other plastic waste thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1 million different life forms in our oceans every year. Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.We dont know yet. A decision on a possible increase to the refuse collection charges will be made by the municipal council in autumn 2018. In ad-dition to the household waste sorting system, the charge will cover all other investments and costs within the waste category, e.g. development and environmental adaptation of waste management in Ahla. The charges are presently relatively low in Laholm Municipality compared with other municipalities. In 2016, the average charge for de-tached and semi-detached homes in Sweden was approximately SEK 2,000/year. In Laholm, the corresponding figure was around SEK 1,500/year. 2 Paper packaging Plastic packaging1 bins with one or more neighbours can be a practical and cheaper solution for anyone who doesnt generate much waste. The variable cost is then shared between the number of service users who share the bin. The refuse collection charges are divided into two parts, made up of a basic charge and a variable charge that each constitute around half. With the current charges you received a reduction of around SEK 470/year if you shared a bin with a neighbour. It is not possible to extend the interval between emptying. Special grounds are required for anyone not to be covered by ordinary waste collection services. Requests should be made to the environ-ment office. I have very little waste because I live alone. What can be done in this situation?For anyone who needs it, an additional service will be available in the form of an extra bin for miscellaneous waste. This entails an extra cost for the household. There is no decision to close the recycling stations. It is still possible to take packaging to your recycling station.We are a large family and consequently generate a lot of waste. What can be done in this situation?Home composting is still permitted if you have a permit from the environment office. However, because the municipality advocates production of biogas ahead of compost production from organic waste, home composting will not be subsidised in the new refuse collection charges.Will the charge be lower if I compost myself?Bin dimensions Height: 112 cmHeight with lid open: 178 cmDepth (from the top): 87 cmWidth with wheels: 77 cmThe picture to the left illustrates recom-mended space given the gap and space needed for the collection process. You can take a look at the new bins at Ahla recycling centre.200 cm200 cmDepth 100 cmPlanning Office, Laholm MunicipalityTelephone switchboard 0430-150 00Read more at BThe front wheel must be unlocked.BThe front wheel can be locked if the bin is standing on a flat, hard surface otherwise it must be unlocked.A *Find out more at about what this means for you and how close to the road you choose to position your bin for emptying. A BA BBA For emptying, bins must be standing *close to the road. Like this:Att dela krlen med en eller flera grannar kan vara en praktisk och billigare lsning fr dig som inte har s mycket avfall. D delas den rrliga kostnaden mellan antalet abonnenter som delar p krlen. Renhllningstaxan r uppdelad i tv delar med en grundavgift och en rrlig avgift dr vardera utgr cirka hlften av taxan. Med dagens taxa hade du ftt en avgiftsminskning med cirka 470 kr/r om du hade delat krl med en granne. Det gr inte att frlnga tiden mellan tmning. Fr att inte omfattas av ordinarie sophmt-ning krvs srskilda skl. Anskan grs hos miljkontoret. Jag har vldigt lite avfall eftersom jag bor sjlv. Vad kan man gra t det?Fr den som behver kommer det finnas en mjlighet att ha en tillggstjnst i form av ett kompletterande krl fr restavfall. Det innebr en merkostnad fr hushllet. Det finns inget beslut om att stnga tervinningsstationerna. Det finns fortsatt mjlighet att lmna frpack-ningar p din tervinningsstation.Vi r en stor familj hemma och drfr blir det vldigt mycket avfall. Vad kan man gra t det?Det r fortfarande tilltet att ha hemkompos-tering s lnge du har tillstnd av miljkon-toret. Men eftersom kommunen fresprkar produktion av biogas framfr jordproduktion frn organiskt avfall kommer hemkompos-tering inte vara subventionerad i den nya renhllningstaxan.Blir avgiften lgre om jag komposterar sjlv?Krlens mtt Hjd: 112 cmHjd med uppfllt lock: 178 cmDjup (upptill): 87 cmBredd med hjul: 77 cmBilden till vnster illustrerar rekommen-derat utrymme givet med det mellanrum och utrymme som behvs fr hmtaren. P Alha tervinningscentral kan du se och knna p krlen.200 cm200 cmDjup 100 cmPlaneringskontoret, Laholms kommunTelefonvxel 0430-150 00Ls mer p B Framhjulet ska vara olst.BFramhjulet kan vara lst om krlen str p en plan, hrdgjord yta - annars ska det vara olst.A *Ls mer p om vad det innebr fr dig hur nra vgen du vljer attplacera krlen vid tmning. A BA BBA Vid tmning ska krlen st i *nra anslutning till vgen. S hr kan de st: