Managing Complex Projects and Programs (HEASLIP: MANAGING COMPLEX PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS) || Afterword

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    The perspectives communicated in Managing Complex Projects and Programs could not have been generated without the active par-ticipation of many colleagues and friends. The insights so generously shared by many of these people provided a foundation for the concepts described herein, and for development of the third-generation pro-grammatic approach. It would be presumptive, however, to think that Managing Complex Projects and Programs has captured all views that are important and relevant, or that it has considered all of the circumstances that have been faced by organizations.

    As I continue to pursue research on the value of third-generation programmatic approaches (with the continued help of my colleagues), I would be delighted to hear the perspectives of readers who could con-tribute to our understanding. Please let me know where you believe we got it right, and also where you believe we may have gotten it wrong. I am especially interested in hearing from readers who would like to share their experiences related to the implementation and function of three-party third-generation programmatic oversight systems.

    For further information on how best to share your experiences and understanding, I invite you to visit:

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