Managing Plan Delivery and QAQC in a Collaborative ? Managing Plan Delivery and QAQC in a Collaborative

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Managing Plan Delivery and QAQC in a Collaborative EnvironmentLouisiana Update - IHEEP 2014Presented by Hollis WardDOTD Design Automation ManagerLouisiana Department of Transportation and DevelopmentWith Matthew TolmieProduct Support ManagerAltiva SoftwarePresentation Topics CADconform Drafting/Compliance Tools (Altiva) ProjectWise Managed Workspace (Altiva) ControlCAD QAQC Reports (Altiva) * EZ Publish PDF Plans (Bentley) * ProjectWise Facilitates!* These are important ProjectWise add-on applicationsCAD Standards Compliance Tools (LaDOTD and Consultants) What about this guy?Software and Deliverable Standards Provides all of the standards for DOTD and consultants Living document resides on the LaDOTD and Altiva Web pages See Digital Plans Delivery Webpage for Additional information1. Start at Link2. Then - Business Working with DOTD > Digital Plans DeliveryThis is an image only CAD Standard ResourcesProvides all of the files and standards neededWorkspace Overview BordersLevel Libraries (dgnlib)Levels, Text Styles, Dimension StylesWorkspace Project Selection List Select Workspace Project in MicroStation Manager ** Project is defined on \Plans folders in ProjectWise.Example Project Config File (.PCF) Workspace Projects have customized settings Master Config + Project Config = Workspace ProfileExample Master Config File (partial) Some LaDOTD System variables shown above.** Settings that are constant for all disciplines.Current DOTD Workspace Delivery Installer delivered via web download Installs entire workspace (seeds, DGNLIBs, cells, cfgs) on users local C:\ Requires update (reinstall) when DOTD make changes Consultants using the exact same setup as DOTD Changes to the workspace happen live for all parties Less maintenance, distribution hurdles, time invested by DOTD Less work involved for consultants to stay current with DOTD Win-Win for DOTD and Consultant PartnersGoals for Managed WorkspaceManaged Workspace Setup - Files Existing Workspace files imported into ProjectWiseManaged Workspace Setup - CSBs Config files recreated as Configuration Settings BlocksWhy Create CSBs Manually? Verify all files and paths update to ProjectWise locations Audit existing variables for relevance and necessity Some variables lost when using ProjectWise importerManaged Workspace Roadblocks DOTD machines mslocal.cfg broke managed workspace How to manage frequent addition of consultant users 3rd party MDL applications loading from ProjectWiseAltiva CADconform Toolkit Connect to Database Manage Users Manage Feature Tables Draft Conform Generate Reports and CertifyCADconform Feature Table Branding Brands (red symbol) set default feature tables for seed files Brands must be Allowable (Specified in Project config)CADconform Drafting MenuLong Menu Option for Road Design and Traffic(Note two types of Cell Selectors for Traffic)CADconform Drafting MenuShort Menu>Menus Across Option for Bridge DesignExample CADconform Feature DefinitionExample Road Design Annotation Feature Definition Tabs expand choices of attributes and commands Feature settings enable macro creation on the flyConform Interactive Checker Conform tool works somewhat like a spellchecker Batch Processor Certify command places certification stamp Also used to generate Error Summary, Feature Summary, etc.Batch Processor - CertifyIntelligence encoded stamp documents important detailsControlCAD checks for CAD Certification StampStandards Certification - Secure Watermark Red slash or x indicates watermark invalidation File changes update status from OK to File Modified Standards Certification with Secure WatermarkWatermark InvalidationAltiva ControlCAD Reports in ProjectWiseCheck AttributesCheck CAD StandardsTypical ControlCAD Reports Folder Reports folder is created when the first report is ordered Reports are run for each discipline at each submittal milestone Select plan sheets or Plans folder and right-click Select ControlCAD Select Check Attributes or Check CAD StandardsGenerate ControlCAD ReportsALMONASTER AVE. OVER THE INNER HARBOR NAVIGATION CANAL Multi-Consultant Collaboration All subject to ControlCAD reporting All publishing to the same folderControlCAD Reports FolderAlmonaster Bridge One consultant discipline report shown hereSix disciplines reportingReports are run for each discipline at each submittal milestoneAll disciplines will be capable or running their own reports soon Provides overview of CAD standards and settings Provides efficient review of issues that need fixing Required at each submittal milestoneRed fields indicate issues that need to be fixed_Testing/Testing 2/454-02-0074/Bridge-Facilities/Bridge-Structural/PlansProject type: Bridge-Facilities60%Filename CAD Stamp Refs Border Ref DrawingScale ActiveLStyleScale Missing LevDesc Autocad Styles InRoads Elems101 Bridge Index and Gen File Modified Attached OK border 1.0 1 3 yes no102 Summary of Bridge Q OK Attached OK border 1.0 1 10 yes no102 Summary of Bridge Q File Modified Attached OK border 1.0 off OK no no103 Summary of Bridge Q OK Attached OK border 1.0 1 9 yes no104 General Plan.DGN File Modified missing OK border 20.0 20 4 no no104 General Plan_NEW.DFile Modified missing OK border 20.0 20 4 no no105 Bridge Proposed Wid OK missing OK border 20.0 20 6 yes no106 General Elev.DGN OK missing OK border 20.0 1 2 no yes106 General Elev_NEW.DFile Modified Attached OK border 20.0 1 OK no yes107 SEQUENCE OF CON OK Attached OK border 2.7 off 1 no no108 SEQUENCE OF CON OK Attached OK border 2.7 off 1 no yes109 Pile Plan.DGN OK Attached OK border 20.0 off 1 no noLaDoTD CAD Standards Reportof drawings with certification stampControlCAD Check CAD Standards ReportProjectWise Attributes PageProjectWise Attributes Page How do we ensure that attribution is complete?ControlCAD Check Attributes Report Provides overview of attribute values Provides efficient review of issues that need to be fixed Required at each submittal milestoneRed text indicates issues that need to be fixedControlCAD Check CAD Standards CAD Certification Stamps present Appropriate Feature Tables used CAD Reference Files found CAD File Header information valid (Working Units, etc.) Borders, scales, fonts, styles required for PDF Publishing Evidence of cheating, unexpected results, etc. Provide timely feedback for Designers & Managers And more Compliance Report for CAD Drawings in ProjectWise Compliance Checks Provide feedback throughout the plan development process Bring order to the chaotic world of plan development Particularly important for Consultant plans Particularly important for Slackers Prevents unpleasant surprises at Final Plans ! Prevents late plan delivery and late lettings Complete, compliant, high-quality final product is likely Leverages the ProjectWise collaboration environmentAdvantages of ControlCAD Reports Consultant plan delivery workflow is the same as DOTDs Verify CAD standards with Check CAD Standards report Index in ProjectWise. Verify with Check Attributes report Reports start with first submittal. A high level of compliance is expected in early submittals under normal circumstances. Full compliance is expected in later submittals. PDFs published and Digital Signatures applied using Bentley customized PDF Creation Service tools and workflows.Changes to Consultant Plan DeliveryLaDOTD Digital CAD Submissions Within ProjectWisePlan Delivery Tools and Workflow(Comprehensive Overview)International HEEP 2014Presented by Hollis Ward DOTD Design Automation ManagerWith Matthew TolmieAltiva 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated37 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Automating LaDOTD Design Publishing( Updated 9/27/2014 - HW )Hollis Ward: DOTD Design Automation Manager: hollis.ward@la.govTom Atkinson: Bentley Information Management Sales Executive 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated38 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Automate PDF Plans Publishing Automate Digital Signature Workflow Empower Design Consultants to Publish/Sign Plans Automate PDF Transfer to Bidder Plans RoomAutomated PDF Publishing Project Goals 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated39 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM PDF Creation Service: Provide the functionality within ProjectWise for users to select MicroStation Design Files and click a command that will generate PDF copies of the drawings. Use the name and attributes of each document to establish the name and attributes of each PDF and to create the folder in which to place the PDF documents. Determine the ProjectWise InterPlot Settings to use. Provide connectivity for client systems, outside the LADOTD network, to submit PDF plan requests the same way as LADOTD staff.Project Tasks 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated40 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Export/Import Signed Documents: Provide the functionality to control and manage the Export and Import process of PDF documents in and out of ProjectWise for digital signature using standard digital signature software adopted by LADOTD. Export to Plans Room: Provide the functionality to export PDF documents and companion XML files containing the ProjectWise attributes to a predetermined Windows folder. This watched folder is monitored by the bidder Plans Room system, which will import the files and populate the attribute values for each document. Project Tasks 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated41 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMPublishing with Publish to PDFSelect DGNs to PublishSelect Publish to PDF Select Plan StatusClick SubmitInput CAD DGNs Output PDFs 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated42 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMAd-Hoc Drawing Submittals Publish To PDF can create ad-hoc submittals(Miscellaneous Submittals)Used for important updates between benchmarks 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated43 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMSubmittal category root folders start empty (e.g., _Final Plans)Published Submittals Template 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated44 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMExample Project withCompleted Submittals Submittal folders (e.g., 95% Final Plans) are created when PDFs are published Plus signs on folders indicate that one or more PDF files exist. Press Function key F5 to see latest statusSubmittals at Project Completion 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated45 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMPDF Creation Service Email Information about PDF Creation Success/Failure 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated46 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMProject Wise Attributes PagePublish To PDF passes attribute values from DGN to PDF (Used for Document Searches in ProjectWise and Plans Room) 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated47 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMPlot Information TransferDMZ FirewallExternal UserDOTD UserProjectWise Gateway ServerFTP Server DOTD NetworkProjectWise Integration ServerProjectWise Plot ServerCustom Publishing SolutionTurned off by default. It may be helpful to turn it on for this this type of slide 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated48 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMDigital Signature Workflow and AuditProjectWise Integration Server DOTD User1. PDFs are Exported from ProjectWise to Windows Logs Date, Time, User, Folder, Exported for Digital Signature, etc.2. Silanis Digital Signature Process is Executed3. PDFs are Imported Back to ProjectWise Verifies documents are signed (otherwise, will not import), and then imports Deletes signed PDF files in Windows folder Logs Date, Time, User, Imported Digitally Signed Document, etc. Updates Signature Status attribute value to Signed Updates PDF document status to Final Status (Locked) 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated49 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM1. Highlight PDF drawings to sign in ProjectWise2. Right-Click and select Export for Signature Exports drawings to C:\PW_SignatureDir 3. Sign drawings using Silanis ApproveIt4. Right-click and select Import Signed Document Checks to make sure drawings are signed. Imports drawings and sets Final Status Sets Signature Status attribute to Signed Records audit trail of signing ceremony Export PDF/ Import Signed DocumentBentley Custom PDF Signature Workflow from the Drivers Seat 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated50 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMExport to Plans RoomProjectWise Integration ServerDOTD User DOTD User selects Export to Plans Room Command Document Attributes are written to an XML file The PDF and XML files are copied from ProjectWise to a predetermined Folder The Electronic Plans Room runs a service that watches this folder The PDF and XML are imported as a new, indexed documentElectronic Plans Room Server 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated51 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMPublish To PDF Makes Publishing Easy Creates PDFs without user plotting setup Creates output folder for PDFs (e.g., Final Plans) Copies attribute values from DGN to PDF Sends email documenting PDF creation status Manages PDF Digital Signing Ceremony Exports PDF and XML index to Falcon Plans Room Publishes Deliverables for DOTD and Consultant partnersBentley ProjectWise Custom PDF Publishing Extension 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated52 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMPublishing Plan On Hold Before Automated PDF Publishingo Consultants must create PDF plans on their site using InterPloto Consultants must index plans using ControlCAD Indexer on their siteo Plan delivery required Consultants to package all DGNs, PDFs & XML Index Files o DOTD must process Consultant packageso CAD design plan QA/QC practical for Final Plans only This system was considered a great improvement at the time, but staffing to process the submittals was not provided. DOTD focus on meeting Plan Delivery Dates was more important than enforcing workflow and data standards. Conforming to standards was essentially on the honor system. Compliance depended on Project Manager, Task Manager and Consultant priorities. PDF publishing was therefore ad-hoc and not for formal submittals.Consultant Plan Delivery Before New Process 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated53 | WWW.BENTLEY.COMPDF plans published using automated Bentley PDF Creation ServicePDF plan production using this EZ Publish system is far faster and more efficient than paper for all submittal milestones.PDF Creation Service requires CAD DGNs to reside in ProjectWiseConsultants can upload or create CAD designs in ProjectWise and participate in DOTD ProjectWise plan delivery process.CAD DGNs in ProjectWise enable ControlCAD Reports in ProjectWise ControlCAD Reports provide feedback at each submittal milestoneUltimate Result: Both publishing and QA/QC is very efficientProject Impact on DOTD Plan DeliveryTypical Transmittal EmailTransmitted herewith is a link to the Final Plans for the referenced project in ProjectWise. These Plans are submitted for the your review and approval via Title Sheet signature.S.P. No. H.009101Interchange LightingI-55 @ LA 16 (Amite)Route I-55Tangipahoa ParishLink to Final plans: Final Plans Transmittal verbiage varies depending on plan delivery milestone and related directives.LaDOTDAutomated Plan Delivery WorkflowFalconElectronic Plans Distribution CenterPDF DrawingXML IndexWatched FolderPDF DrawingXML IndexWatched FolderDGN DrawingPDF DrawingXML IndexControlCADSubmittal ArchiveConsultant Plans RepositoryCreate PDF Drawing with Interplot Sign Final Plans with ApproveItDraft, Conform & Certify Final CAD DGN with CADconformPDF - Adobe file format used for published documents XML - File format used to store attribute values (indexing) ProjectWise - Bentley Plan Development System Falcon - tsaADVET Electronic Plans Distribution SystemWatched Folder - Monitored by Falcon for incoming plansIndex PDF & DGN (ControlCAD Indexer)Consultant Plan Delivery to DOTD System (Abandoned Design)ProjectWise PlanDevelopmentSystemCAD Plans FolderPDF Submittal FolderToo much happening outside of ProjectWise. Compliance remained a mystery until FinalsAnimatedDraft, Conform & Certify DGN with CADconformConsultant Plan Delivery Workflow(Phasing Out as the Managed Workspace Phases in)Consultants employ DOTD internal workflow to index, publish and sign.Altiva ControlCAD Reports replace ControlCAD Submittal toolExport / Import All DGNsConsultant Plans RepositoryProjectWise PlanDevelopmentSystemCAD Plans FolderPDF Submittal FolderFalconElectronic Plans Distribution CenterPDF DrawingXML IndexWatched FolderPDF DrawingXML IndexWatched FolderPDF - Adobe file format used for published documents XML - File format used to store attribute values (indexing) ProjectWise - Bentley Plan Development System Falcon - tsaADVET Electronic Plans Distribution SystemWatched Folder - Monitored by Falcon for incoming plansAnimatedProjectWise PlanDevelopmentSystemPDF - Adobe file format used for published documents XML - File format used to store attribute values (indexing) ProjectWise - Bentley Plan Development System Falcon - tsaADVET Electronic Plans Distribution SystemWatched Folder - Monitored by Falcon for incoming plansPDF DrawingXML IndexWatched FolderFalcon Electronic Plans Distribution CenterCAD Plans FolderPDF Submittal FolderPDF Submittal Folder(Final Plans)PDF DrawingPW IndexDraft, Conform & Certify with CADconform. Index in ProjectWise.Sign Final Plan Drawings with ApproveItDOTD Unified Plan Delivery WorkflowCAD Plans FolderCAD Plans Folder AnimatedPDF DrawingProjectWise IndexSlide Number 1Presentation TopicsCAD Standards Compliance Tools (LaDOTD and Consultants) Software and Deliverable StandardsSlide Number 5LaDOTD CAD Standard ResourcesWorkspace Project Selection ListExample Project Config File (.PCF)Example Master Config File (partial)Current DOTD Workspace DeliveryGoals for Managed WorkspaceManaged Workspace Setup - FilesManaged Workspace Setup - CSBsWhy Create CSBs Manually?Managed Workspace RoadblocksAltiva CADconform ToolkitCADconform Feature Table BrandingCADconform Drafting MenuCADconform Drafting MenuExample CADconform Feature DefinitionConform Interactive CheckerSlide Number 22Slide Number 23Watermark InvalidationAltiva ControlCAD Reports in ProjectWise Slide Number 26Slide Number 27ALMONASTER AVE. OVER THE INNER HARBOR NAVIGATION CANAL Slide Number 29Slide Number 30ProjectWise Attributes PageControlCAD Check Attributes ReportControlCAD Check CAD StandardsAdvantages of ControlCAD ReportsChanges to Consultant Plan DeliveryLaDOTD Digital CAD Submissions Within ProjectWiseAutomating LaDOTD Design Publishing ( Updated 9/27/2014 - HW )Automated PDF Publishing Project GoalsProject TasksProject TasksPublishing with Publish to PDFAd-Hoc Drawing SubmittalsPublished Submittals TemplateSubmittals at Project CompletionPDF Creation Service EmailProject Wise Attributes PagePlot Information TransferDigital Signature Workflow and AuditBentley Custom PDF Signature Workflow from the Drivers SeatExport to Plans RoomBentley ProjectWise Custom PDF Publishing ExtensionConsultant Plan Delivery Before New Process Project Impact on DOTD Plan DeliveryTypical Transmittal EmailLaDOTDAutomated Plan Delivery WorkflowSlide Number 56Slide Number 57Slide Number 58