“Managing Student Group Projects with Real Clients”

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Managing Student Group Projects with Real Clients. Professor George Solomon Department of Management. Background on Student-Based Small Business Consulting. Initiated by US SBA in 1972 and called Small Business Institute program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Managing Student Group Projects with Real ClientsProfessor George SolomonDepartment of ManagementBackground on Student-Based Small Business Consulting Initiated by US SBA in 1972 and called Small Business Institute programBY 1990, 370 colleges and universities involved and receiving $500/case the purchase order assisting about 6,000 small and entrepreneurial firms.Discontinued by US SBA in 1996Colleges continue on without SBA support.GWUs InvolvementGWU involvement began in 1992 with Prof Charles ToftoyTo date almost 2,000 Washington DC Metro Businesses assisted.Currently implemented in Management 192 Small Business [undergraduate] Prof Rollins and Mgt 292 Small Business [graduate] Prof Toftoy and SolomonThe type of Assignments given to the studentsSize of student groupsWho finds the client (instructor or students)Kinds of work the students doFeedback from clients.Student projects as an example of "service learning."How have you changed the way you manage these projects?That is, what have you learned about managing such projects?How would you compare this method of learning with others?Academic Support for Student Based ProjectsPorter and McKibbens Study for The International Association for Management Education (AACSB) indicated need for integrating conceptual and theoretical principles with live case work.Porter, L. and McKibben, L. (1988), Management Education and Development: Drift or Thrust into the 21st Century, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, NY.


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