Manifesto traditional to blended learning

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1. Making the Switch Transitioning from a Traditional to a Blended Learning School Kaylee Thomas Click here! 2. So, does this ever happen to you? Where students just Google the worksheet you give, find the answer key, and then fill in the blanks? --Anonymous Teacher, Altus High School, March 2015 3. Why? If the purpose is simply to do the same thing but with technology, it is not worth the effort of making the transition. The why should be answered by the staff/leaders of the staff. While there are many reasons, a clearly agreed upon reasoning will provide the foundation to refer back to as questions in course development arise. That being said, technology is capable of revolutionizing education. Thus, when making a schoolwide switch, it is advised to select a group of teachers who are on board, and then expand as time goes. (Cite email, personal experience) 4. Change of Mind Adequate support Consistency Across Classrooms Using the Advantages of Online Learning Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online Learning 5. Student Support content/uploads/2013/02/iNACOL_CourseStan dards_2011.pdf Technology Support Content Support 6. Teacher Support content/uploads/2013/02/iNACOL_CourseStan dards_2011.pdf Staff Person specifically dedicated to technology roll-out and support o the-ipad/ 7. Parent Support content/uploads/2013/02/iNACOL_CourseStan dards_2011.pdf enables faster communication between students, parents, and teachers training available for parents 8. Consistency LMS Options: Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, Teamie, etc. Consistent course structures that follow best practices online orientation before beginning class ( content/uploads/2013/02/iNACOL_CourseStandards_2011.pdf) o up front description of course expectations o student introductions (social presences) o organization o timely feedback from instructor (social presence) Netiquette is taught and enforced 9. Reaping the Benefits of Online Learning multiple modes of assessment/learning individualization applicable life skill students enjoy learning this way 10. Best Practices Click the speaker to hear this slides information. Click a picture to be transferred to the corresponding website/resource 11. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Technology not rigorous enough duplicating what could/should be done using paper/pencil Classroom management of a blended classroom 12. Photo Credit: Celestine Chua CC BY 2.0 13. Works Cited Educause 7 Things You Should Know About series by EDUCAUSE is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0


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