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Marianne KatoppoMarianne Henriette Katoppo (Tomohon North Sulawesi, June 9, 1943) was the youngest children from Elvianus Katoppo and Agnes Rumokoij. She completed her theological studies in 1963 at Jakarta Theological Seminary with the program Doctorandus of Theology, and in 1977 with the program Bachelor of Theology. In 1978, he continued in the Ecumenical Institute, in Bossey, Switzerland, and in 1992 earned theol.lic.Ever since she was little, Marianne had been writing actively. At the age of 8 years she published her first work in Dutch, in the Nieuwsgierig Children Rubric in Jakarta. In the 1960s Marianne wrote some short tales for Sinar Harapan daily and monthly magazines Ragi Buana. Her novel, Raumanen, received an award from the Jakarta Arts Council (1975), Main Book Foundation (1978), and South East Asian Writer Award (1982) as the first female writer. This novel was published back in 2006 by Publisher Metafor. Her other novels are Dunia Tak Bermusim (1974), Anggrek Tak Pernah Berdusta, (1977), Terbangnya Punai (1978), and Rumah di Atas Jembatan (1981).Marianne was known as the first feminist theologian in Indonesia and Asia. Her theological works Compassionate and Free: An Asian Woman's Theology (1979), translated into Dutch, German, Swedish and Tagalog language, and was being used as a textbook in many theological seminaries around the world.Marianne is a founding member and ex coordinator of the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians (EATWOT) Indonesia (1982), Democracy Forum (1991), Kelompok HATI (1980), International Council WCRP. She was being enterprised as activists and opinion printer. In 1995, he represented Pramoedya Ananta Toer in receiving the Magsaysay Award in Manila, Philippines. He had also sat as a member of Majelis Pekerja Harian Persekutuan Gereja-gereja di Indonesia. Marianne passed away on October 12, 2007 in Bogor, on the side of her brother, Pericles Katoppo. The death yet suspected, caused by heart attacks. Her body was cremated on October 13, 2007 in Krematorium Oasis, Tangerang.


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