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Masking Tape Catlogo 2012 - Marks


2012 Collection vol.12 Masking Tapes areis the Japanese M a s k i n g Ta p e brand that isEasy to tear by hand Easy to write on RepositionableAuthentic is the original decorative masking tape made of Japanese washi paper.High-qualityExcellent characteristics of rice paper. Can be easily torn by hand, removed and repositioned! Made in JapanAmazing variety of traditional & contemporary designs. Display Box is display boxTotal of 90 pieces =18 dif ferent colors x 5 mt 1P33cm28cm28cm3 KMMT-MKT1PB-A [MT01P001Z] botan 4971910169155 KMMT-MKT1PB-AB [MT01P010Z] custard 4971910169247 KMMT-MKT1PB-AA [MT01P009Z] apricot 4971910169230 KMMT-MKT1PB-AD [MT01P015Z] chocolate 4971910169292 KMMT-MKT1PB-AE [MT01P098Z] orange 4971910171509Masking tape, 1P Basic / mt1.20UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mOPP packJapan KMMT-MKT1PB-B [MT01P003Z] peach 4971910169179 KMMT-MKT1PB-C [MT01P004Z] sakura 4971910169186 KMMT-MKT1PB-AG [MT01P102Z] shocking green 4971910171547 KMMT-MKT1PB-AF [MT01P101Z] shocking red 4971910171530 KMMT-MKT1PB-F [MT01P013Z] olive 4971910169278 KMMT-MKT1PB-G [MT01P016Z] warabi 4971910169308 KMMT-MKT1PB-E [MT01P012Z] usuhanada 4971910169261 KMMT-MKT1PB-D [MT01P006Z] moegi 4971910169209 KMMT-MKT1PB-J [MT01P019Z] budou 4971910169339 KMMT-MKT1PB-K [MT01P020Z] ginnezu 4971910169346 KMMT-MKT1PB-I [MT01P018Z] rakuda 4971910169322 KMMT-MKT1PB-H [MT01P017Z] enji 4971910169315 KMMT-MKT1PB-P [MT01P044Z] shocking pink 4971910169681 KMMT-MKT1PB-Q [MT01P082Z] turquoise green 4971910169735 KMMT-MKT1PB-O [MT01P011Z] bottle green 4971910169254 KMMT-MKT1PB-N [MT01P007Z] sora 4971910169216 KMMT-MKT1PB-T [MT01P047Z] nibiiro 4971910170182 KMMT-MKT1PB-U [MT01P080Z] cosmos 4971910170458 KMMT-MKT1PB-S [MT01P046Z] haizakura 4971910170175 KMMT-MKT1PB-R [MT01P045Z] charcoal gray 4971910170168 KMMT-MKT1PB-X [MT01P002Z] usufuji 4971910169162 KMMT-MKT1PB-Y [MT01P005Z] hakka 4971910169193 KMMT-MKT1PB-W [MT01P083Z] pale blue 4971910170472 KMMT-MKT1PB-V [MT01P081Z] smoke gray 4971910170465Masking tape 1P Basic KMMT-MKT1PB-AC [MT01P014Z] aotake 4971910169285 KMMT-MKT1PB-Z [MT01P008Z] izumi 49719101692234Masking tape, 1P Deco / mt1.35UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mOPP packJapan KMMT-MKT1PD-AP [MT01D079Z] border pale blue 4971910170441 KMMT-MKT1PD-AQ [MT01D084Z] drop green 4971910171363 KMMT-MKT1PD-AO [MT01D078Z] border turquoise green 4971910170434 KMMT-MKT1PD-AN [MT01D077Z] border smoke gray 4971910170427 KMMT-MKT1PD-AT [MT01D087Z] marble blue 4971910171394 KMMT-MKT1PD-AU [MT01D088Z] diamond red 4971910171400 KMMT-MKT1PD-AS [MT01D086Z] marble red 4971910171387 KMMT-MKT1PD-AR [MT01D085Z] drop lavender 4971910171370 KMMT-MKT1PD-AX [MT01D091Z] cross blue 4971910171431 KMMT-MKT1PD-AY [MT01D092Z] argyle pink 4971910171448 KMMT-MKT1PD-AW [MT01D090Z] cross red 4971910171424 KMMT-MKT1PD-AV [MT01D089Z] diamond green 4971910171417 KMMT-MKT1PD-BA [MT01D094Z] tile red 4971910171462 KMMT-MKT1PD-BB [MT01D095Z] tile blue 4971910171479 KMMT-MKT1PD-B [MT01D064Z] monochrome stripe 4971910169698 KMMT-MKT1PD-AZ [MT01D093Z] argyle yellow 4971910171455 KMMT-MKT1PD-BE [MT01D099Z] dot orange 4971910171516 KMMT-MKT1PD-BF [MT01D100Z] border orange 4971910171523 KMMT-MKT1PD-BD [MT01D097Z] shima aka 4971910171493 KMMT-MKT1PD-BC [MT01D096Z] shima midori 497191017148633 KMMT-MKT1PD-C [MT01D065Z] monochrome piano 497191016970434 KMMT-MKT1PD-D [MT01D068Z] dot monochrome 497191016971132 KMMT-MKT1PD-BH [MT01P022Z] silver 4971910169360 KMMT-MKT1PD-BG [MT01P021Z] gold 4971910169353 KMMT-MKT1PD-AH [MT01D070Z] dot smoke gray 4971910170366 KMMT-MKT1PD-AI [MT01D071Z] dot turquoise green 4971910170373 KMMT-MKT1PD-AL [MT01D074Z] drop blue 4971910170403 KMMT-MKT1PD-AM [MT01D076Z] border cosmos 4971910170410 KMMT-MKT1PD-AK [MT01D073Z] drop red 4971910170397 KMMT-MKT1PD-AJ [MT01D072Z] dot pale blue 4971910170380 KMMT-MKT1PD-A [MT01D035Z] stripe budounezu 4971910169674 KMMT-MKT1PD-AA [MT01D058Z] kesshou pink 4971910170298 KMMT-MKT1PD-AG [MT01D069Z] dot cosmos 4971910170359 KMMT-MKT1PD-AB [MT01D059Z] kesshou gray 4971910170304Masking tape 1P Deco557 KMMT-MKT1PD-BI [MT01D103Z] chidori black 497191017653558 KMMT-MKT1PD-BJ [MT01D104Z] chidori red 497191017654261 KMMT-MKT1PD-BM [MT01D107Z] arch red 497191017657362 KMMT-MKT1PD-BN [MT01D108Z] arch purple 497191017658060 KMMT-MKT1PD-BL [MT01D106Z] stitch green 497191017656659 KMMT-MKT1PD-BK [MT01D105Z] stitch red 497191017655965 KMMT-MKT1PD-BQ [MT01D111Z] tsugihagi C 497191017661066 KMMT-MKT1PD-BR [MT01D112Z] tsugihagi D 497191017662764 KMMT-MKT1PD-BP [MT01D110Z] tsugihagi B 497191017660363 KMMT-MKT1PD-BO [MT01D109Z] tsugihagi A 497191017659769 KMMT-MKT1PD-BU [MT01D115Z] tsugihagi E 497191017665870 KMMT-MKT1PD-BV [MT01D116Z] tsugihagi F 497191017666568 KMMT-MKT1PD-BT [MT01D114Z] spot red 497191017664167 KMMT-MKT1PD-BS [MT01D113Z] spot yellow 497191017663449 KMMT-MKT1PD-S [MT01D050Z] yagasuri murasaki 497191017021250 KMMT-MKT1PD-T [MT01D051Z] yagasuri midori 497191017022948 KMMT-MKT1PD-R [MT01D049Z] samekomon beni 497191017020547 KMMT-MKT1PD-Q [MT01D048Z] samekomon ai 4971910170199 KMMT-MKT1PD-W [MT01D054Z] wataboushi yellow 4971910170250 KMMT-MKT1PD-X [MT01D055Z] wataboushi green 4971910170267 KMMT-MKT1PD-V [MT01D053Z] asanoha shu 4971910170243 KMMT-MKT1PD-U [MT01D052Z] asanoha hai 4971910170236 KMMT-MKT1PD-Z [MT01D057Z] carrot purple 4971910170281 KMMT-MKT1PD-Y [MT01D056Z] carrot orange 497191017027441 KMMT-MKT1PD-K [MT01D026Z] honmame 497191017010642 KMMT-MKT1PD-L [MT01D033Z] stripe gold 497191017011345 KMMT-MKT1PD-O [MT01D040Z] stripe momo 497191017014446 KMMT-MKT1PD-P [MT01D041Z] stripe wakaba 497191017015144 KMMT-MKT1PD-N [MT01D038Z] stripe mizuiro 497191017013743 KMMT-MKT1PD-M [MT01D036Z] stripe sakuranezu 497191017012037 KMMT-MKT1PD-G [MT01D067Z] matte white 497191016990238 KMMT-MKT1PD-H [MT01D023Z] hougan gray 497191017007636 KMMT-MKT1PD-F [MT01D066Z] matte black 497191016989635 KMMT-MKT1PD-E [MT01D075Z] border monochrome 497191016972840 KMMT-MKT1PD-J [MT01D025Z] kasuri 497191017009039 KMMT-MKT1PD-I [MT01D024Z] hougan blue 49719101700836Masking tape, 1P Deco / mt1.35UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mOPP packJapan85 KMMT-MKT1PD-CK [MT01D137Z] border sango 497191017681886 KMMT-MKT1PD-CL [MT01D138Z] border daidai 497191017682584 KMMT-MKT1PD-CJ [MT01D136Z] dot red 497191017680183 KMMT-MKT1PD-CI [MT01D135Z] dot green 497191017679589 KMMT-MKT1PD-CO [MT01D141Z] border blue 497191017685690 KMMT-MKT1PD-CP [MT01D142Z] border brown 497191017686388 KMMT-MKT1PD-CN [MT01D140Z] border purple 497191017684987 KMMT-MKT1PD-CM [MT01D139Z] border green 497191017683293 KMMT-MKT1PD-CS [MT01D145Z] stripe light blue 497191017689494 KMMT-MKT1PD-CT [MT01D146Z] stripe silver 497191017690092 KMMT-MKT1PD-CR [MT01D144Z] stripe gold 497191017688791 KMMT-MKT1PD-CQ [MT01D143Z] stripe red 497191017687097 KMMT-MKT1PD-CW [MT01D149Z] tsugihagi G 497191017693198 KMMT-MKT1PD-CX [MT01D150Z] hougan silver 497191017694896 KMMT-MKT1PD-CV [MT01D148Z] stripe green 497191017692495 KMMT-MKT1PD-CU [MT01D147Z] stripe pink 497191017691799 KMMT-MKT1PD-CY [MT01D151Z] dot S gold 497191017695577 KMMT-MKT1PD-CC [MT01D129Z] mimasugoushi kusa 497191017673371 KMMT-MKT1PD-BW [MT01D117Z] spot wine 497191017667278 KMMT-MKT1PD-CD [MT01D130Z] mimasugoushi ai 497191017674072 KMMT-MKT1PD-BX [MT01D118Z] spot blue 497191017668981 KMMT-MKT1PD-CG [MT01D133Z] dot usufuji 497191017677182 KMMT-MKT1PD-CH [MT01D134Z] dot gold 497191017678880 KMMT-MKT1PD-CF [MT01D132Z] dot apricot 497191017676479 KMMT-MKT1PD-CE [MT01D131Z] dot moegi 497191017675773 KMMT-MKT1PD-BY [MT01D125Z] ararekomon nasu 497191017669674 KMMT-MKT1PD-BZ [MT01D126Z] ararekomon karashi 497191017670276 KMMT-MKT1PD-CB [MT01D128Z] shippou susuiro 497191017672675 KMMT-MKT1PD-CA [MT01D127Z] shippou beni 4971910176719Masking tape 1P Deco7 KMMT-MKT2PB-A [MT02P001Z] botanusufuji 4971910166741 KMMT-MKT2PB-B [MT02P002Z] peachsakura 4971910166758 KMMT-MKT2PB-C [MT02P003Z] hakkamoegi 4971910166765 KMMT-MKT2PB-D [MT02P004Z] soraizumi 4971910166772 KMMT-MKT2PB-G [MT02P007Z] oliveaotake 4971910166802 KMMT-MKT2PB-H [MT02P008Z] chocolatewarabi 4971910166819 KMMT-MKT2PB-F [MT02P006Z] bottle greenusuhanada 4971910166796 KMMT-MKT2PB-J [MT02P010Z] budouginnezu 4971910166833 KMMT-MKT2PB-E [MT02P005Z] apricotcustard 4971910166789 KMMT-MKT2PB-I [MT02P009Z] enjirakuda 4971910166826Masking tape, 2P Basic / mt2.10UNIT/2SIZE/H185W100D15mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mZipped PP bagJapanMasking tape 2P Basic8Masking tape, 2P Deco / mt2.30UNIT/2SIZE/H185W100D15mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mZipped PP bagJapan KMMT-MKT2PD-B [MT02D012Z] hougan grayhougan blue 4971910166857 KMMT-MKT2PD-C [MT02D013Z] kasurihonmame 4971910166864 KMMT-MKT2PD-E [MT02D022Z] samekomon/aibeni 4971910166956 KMMT-MKT2PD-F [MT02D023Z] yagasuri/murasakimidori 4971910166963 KMMT-MKT2PD-I [MT02D026Z] carrot/orangepurple 4971910166994 KMMT-MKT2PD-J [MT02D027Z] kessho/pinkgray 4971910167007 KMMT-MKT2PD-M [MT02D030Z] monochrome/stripepiano 4971910167038 KMMT-MKT2PD-N [MT02D031Z] monochrome/borderdot 4971910167045 KMMT-MKT2PD-H [MT02D025Z] wataboushi/yellowgreen 4971910166987 KMMT-MKT2PD-L [MT02D029Z] tartan-checked/greenorange 4971910167021 KMMT-MKT2PD-G [MT02D024Z] asanoha/haishu 4971910166970 KMMT-MKT2PD-K [MT02D028Z] tartan-checked/bluegray 4971910167014 KMMT-MKT2PD-A [MT02P011Z] goldsilver 4971910166840 KMMT-MKT2PD-D [MT02D021Z] stripe/mizuirogold 4971910166949 KMMT-MKT2PD-Q [MT02D034Z]dot/torquoise greenpale blue 4971910167076 KMMT-MKT2PD-R [MT02D035Z] drop/redblue 4971910167083 KMMT-MKT2PD-P [MT02D033Z] dot/cosmossmoke gray 4971910167069 KMMT-MKT2PD-O [MT02D032Z] matte blackmatte white 4971910167052 KMMT-MKT2PD-U [MT02D038Z] stripe/budounezuwakaba 4971910168417 KMMT-MKT2PD-V [MT02D039Z] stripe/momosakuranezu 4971910168424 KMMT-MKT2PD-T [MT02D037Z] border/torquoise greenpale blue 4971910167106 KMMT-MKT2PD-S [MT02D036Z] border/cosmossmoke gray 4971910167090 KMMT-MKT2PD-W [MT02D040Z] drop/greenlavender 4971910171295 KMMT-MKT2PD-X [MT02D041Z] marble/redblue 4971910171301 KMMT-MKT2PD-Y [MT02D042Z] diamond/redgreen 4971910171318 KMMT-MKT2PD-Z [MT02D043Z] cross/redblue 4971910171325 KMMT-MKT2PD-AA [MT02D044Z] argyle/pinkyellow 4971910171332 KMMT-MKT2PD-AB [MT02D045Z] tile/redblue 4971910171349Masking tape 2P Deco9 KMMT-MKT2PD-AD [MT02D047Z] Chidori koshi redblack 4971910173244 KMMT-MKT2PD-AE [MT02D048Z] Stitch redgreen 497191017325132 KMMT-MKT2PD-AF [MT02D049Z] Arch redpurple 497191017326833 KMMT-MKT2PD-AG [MT02D050Z] Tsugihaghi AB 497191017327541 KMMT-MKT2PD-AO [MT02D058Z] ararekomon/nasukarashi 497191017701342 KMMT-MKT2PD-AP [MT02D059Z] shippou/benisusuiro 497191017702040 KMMT-MKT2PD-AN [MT02D057Z] koushi/redblue 497191017700639 KMMT-MKT2PD-AM [MT02D056Z] mix/redblue 497191017699345 KMMT-MKT2PD-AS [MT02D062Z] dot/usufujigold 497191017705146 KMMT-MKT2PD-AT [MT02D063Z] dot/greenred 497191017706844 KMMT-MKT2PD-AR [MT02D061Z] dot/moegiapricot 497191017704443 KMMT-MKT2PD-AQ [MT02D060Z] mimasugoushi/kusaai 497191017703749 KMMT-MKT2PD-AW [MT02D066Z] border/bluebrown 497191017709950 KMMT-MKT2PD-AX [MT02D067Z] stripe/redgold 497191017710548 KMMT-MKT2PD-AV [MT02D065Z] border/greenpurple 497191017708247 KMMT-MKT2PD-AU [MT02D064Z] border/sangodaidai 497191017707551 KMMT-MKT2PD-AY [MT02D068Z] stripe/light bluesilver 497191017711252 KMMT-MKT2PD-AZ [MT02D069Z] stripe/pinkgreen 4971910177129 KMMT-MKT2PD-AC [MT02D046Z] shima/midoriaka 497191017135634 KMMT-MKT2PD-AH [MT02D051Z] Tsugihaghi CD 497191017328235 KMMT-MKT2PD-AI [MT02D052Z] Spot yellowred 497191017329937 KMMT-MKT2PD-AK [MT02D054Z] spot/wineblue 497191017697938 KMMT-MKT2PD-AL [MT02D055Z] stripe-checked/redgreen 497191017698636 KMMT-MKT2PD-AJ [MT02D053Z] tsugihagi/EF 49719101769621 0Masking tape Slim KMMT-MKTS3-A [MTSLIM01Z] A 4971910173343 KMMT-MKTS3-C [MTSLIM03Z] C 4971910173367 KMMT-MKTS3-B [MTSLIM02Z] B 4971910173350Masking tape, 3P Slim / mt1.40UNIT/5SIZE/H1848mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 6mm10mOPP packJapan KMMT-MKTS3-D [MTSLIM04Z] D 4971910173374 KMMT-MKTS3-F [MTSLIM06Z] F 4971910173398 KMMT-MKTS3-E [MTSLIM05Z] E 4971910173381 KMMT-MKTST3-A [MTSLIM07Z] A 4971910173404 KMMT-MKTST3-C [MTSLIM09Z] C 4971910173428 KMMT-MKTST3-B [MTSLIM08Z] B 4971910173411Masking tape, 3P Slim 2tone / mt1.40UNIT/5SIZE/H1848mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 6mm10mOPP packJapan1 1Masking tape WideMasking tape, Wide / mt4.80UNIT/3SIZE/H110W60D50mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 30mm10mPE pack with a headerJapan KMMT-MKTWD-A [MTWIDE01Z] border monochromedot smoke gray 4971910171554 KMMT-MKTWD-G [MTWIDE07Z] drop greenborder green 4971910177303 KMMT-MKTWD-B [MTWIDE02Z] border cosmosdrop blue 4971910171561 KMMT-MKTWD-H [MTWIDE08Z] stripe silverdot gold 4971910177310 KMMT-MKTWD-C [MTWIDE03Z] stripe wakabadrop red 4971910171578 KMMT-MKTWD-I [MTWIDE09Z] hougan bluestripe pink 4971910177327 KMMT-MKTWD-D [MTWIDE04Z] dot cosmosstripe momo 4971910173305 KMMT-MKTWD-J [MTWIDE10Z] drop lavenderstripe light blue 4971910177334 KMMT-MKTWD-E [MTWIDE05Z] border pale bluestripe gold 4971910173312 KMMT-MKTWD-K [MTWIDE11Z] stripe redborder sango 4971910177341 KMMT-MKTWD-F [MTWIDE06Z] kessho pinkstripe mizuiro 4971910173329 KMMT-MKTWD-L [MTWIDE12Z] stripe greendot apricot 49719101773581 2Masking tape, EX 1P / mtUNIT/3MATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper OPP packJapan KMMT-MKTEX4-A [MTEX1P07Z] leaf deep green 4971910171646 KMMT-MKTEX4-C [MTEX1P26Z] hana 4971910177242 KMMT-MKTEX5-A [MTEX1P24Z] bottle 4971910177228 KMMT-MKTEX4-B [MTEX1P08Z] leaf yellow green 4971910171653 KMMT-MKTEX4-D [MTEX1P29Z] garden 4971910177266 KMMT-MKTEX6-A [MTEX1P27Z] stamp 4971910177259 KMMT-MKTEX4-E [MTEX1P30Z] buttery 4971910177273 KMMT-MKTEX7-A [MTEX1P25Z] safety pin/dress pin 4971910177235 KMMT-MKTEX3-B [MTEX1P06Z] kazarikei gold 4971910171639 KMMT-MKTEX3-A [MTEX1P05Z] kazarikei black 4971910171622 KMMT-MKTEX1-A [MTEX1P01Z] alphabet black 4971910171585 KMMT-MKTEX1-C [MTEX1P20Z] ower red 4971910177204 KMMT-MKTEX1-E [MTEX1P31Z] ower orange 4971910177280 KMMT-MKTEX1-B [MTEX1P02Z] alphabet gold 4971910171592 KMMT-MKTEX1-D [MTEX1P21Z] ower dark blue 4971910177211 KMMT-MKTEX1-F [MTEX1P32Z] ower green 4971910177297 KMMT-MKTEX2-B [MTEX1P04Z] frame silver 4971910171615 KMMT-MKTEX2-A [MTEX1P03Z] frame gold 4971910171608Masking tape EX1.35SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.35SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.35SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.35SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.35SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.35SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m3.60SIZE/H5048mm50mm10m3.60SIZE/H5048mm50mm10m4.80SIZE/H7048mm70mm10m4.80SIZE/H7048mm70mm10m2.40SIZE/H3048mm30mm10m2.40SIZE/H3048mm30mm10m3.20SIZE/H4048mm40mm10m2.40SIZE/H3048mm30mm10m2.40SIZE/H3048mm30mm10m3.60SIZE/H4548mm45mm10m2.40SIZE/H3048mm30mm10m2.80SIZE/H3548mm35mm10m1 3Masking tape 5P SuiteMasking tape 1P okokoroMasking tape, 1P okokoro / mt3.10UNIT/2SIZE/H2550mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 25mm10mOPP packJapan KMMT-MKTOK1-A [MTOKOK01Z] 4971910173336Masking tape, 5P Suite / mt5.60UNIT/2SIZE/H10548mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper Glassine paper packJapan KMMT-MKT5PS-J [MT05S010Z] mt suite J 4971910168363 KMMT-MKT5PS-O [MT05S015Z] mt suite O 4971910177150 KMMT-MKT5PS-G [MT05S007Z] mt suite G 4971910168332 KMMT-MKT5PS-K [MT05S011Z] mt suite K 4971910168370 KMMT-MKT5PS-P [MT05S016Z] mt suite P 4971910177167 KMMT-MKT5PS-H [MT05S008Z] mt suite H 4971910168349 KMMT-MKT5PS-M [MT05S013Z] mt suite M 4971910177136 KMMT-MKT5PS-R [MT05S018Z] mt suite R 4971910177181 KMMT-MKT5PS-L [MT05S012Z] mt suite L 4971910168387 KMMT-MKT5PS-Q [MT05S017Z] mt suite Q 4971910177174 KMMT-MKT5PS-I [MT05S009Z] mt suite I 4971910168356 KMMT-MKT5PS-N [MT05S014Z] mt suite N 49719101771436mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 27mm10m6mm, 9mm, 6mm, 12mm, 27mm10m6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 9mm, 6mm, 12mm, 27mm10m6mm, 27mm, 12mm, 9mm, 6mm10m6mm, 9mm, 6mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 30mm10m6mm, 9mm, 9mm, 6mm, 30mm10m1 4Masking tape, 5P / mt5.60UNIT/2SIZE/H160W110D52mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mZipped PP bagJapan KMMT-MKT5P-A [MT05P001Z] dark colors A 4971910167113bottle green,olive,chocolate,enji, budou KMMT-MKT5P-B [MT05P002Z] dark colors B 4971910167120 KMMT-MKT5P-C [MT05P003Z] light colors A 4971910167137 KMMT-MKT5P-D [MT05P004Z] light colors B 4971910167144usuhanada, aotake,warabi, rakuda,ginnezuhakka, sora, botan,apricot, peachusufuji, sakura, custard, izumi,moegiMasking tape 5P & 8P KMMT-MKT8PB-A [MT08P002Z] usufuji 4971910167168 KMMT-MKT8PB-B [MT08P003Z] peach 4971910167175 KMMT-MKT8PB-E [MT08P009Z] apricot 4971910167236 KMMT-MKT8PB-F [MT08P011Z] bottle green 4971910167250 KMMT-MKT8PB-D [MT08P006Z] moegi 4971910167205 KMMT-MKT8PB-C [MT08P005Z] hakka 4971910167199 KMMT-MKT8PB-I [MT08P044Z] shocking pink 4971910167588 KMMT-MKT8PB-J [MT08P045Z] charcoal gray 4971910167595 KMMT-MKT8PB-H [MT08P019Z] budou 4971910167335 KMMT-MKT8PB-G [MT08P017Z] enji 4971910167311Masking tape, 8P Basic / mt8.00UNIT/1SIZE/H12248mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mCylindrical kraft paper packageJapan KMMT-MKT8PD-C [MT08D033Z] stripe gold 4971910167472 KMMT-MKT8PD-D [MT08D035Z] stripe budounezu 4971910167496 KMMT-MKT8PD-B [MT08P022Z] silver 4971910167366 KMMT-MKT8PD-A [MT08P021Z] gold 4971910167359 KMMT-MKT8PD-G [MT08D040Z] stripe momo 4971910167540 KMMT-MKT8PD-H [MT08D041Z] stripe wakaba 4971910167557 KMMT-MKT8PD-F [MT08D038Z] stripe mizuiro 4971910167526 KMMT-MKT8PD-E [MT08D036Z] stripe sakuranezu 4971910167502 KMMT-MKT8PD-K [MT08D054Z] wataboushi yellow 4971910167687 KMMT-MKT8PD-L [MT08D055Z] wataboushi green 4971910167694 KMMT-MKT8PD-J [MT08D053Z] asanoha shu 4971910167670 KMMT-MKT8PD-I [MT08D052Z] asanoha hai 4971910167663Masking tape, 8P Deco / mt8.20UNIT/1SIZE/H12248mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mCylindrical kraft paper packageJapan1 5Masking tape, 6P Wamon / mt8.00UNIT/2SIZE/H60W103D60mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mPaper boxJapan KMMT-MKT6W-A [MT06P001Z]mt6P wamon 4971910164785 KMMT-MKT6W-B [MT06P002Z]mt6P wamon2 4971910177198Masking tape 6P1 6 KMMT-MKT20P-A [MT20P001Z]20 colors 4971910168004 dark color Abottle green, olive,chocolate, enji, budou dark color Busuhanada, aotake, warabi, rakuda, ginnezu KMMT-MKT10P-A [MT10P001Z] dark colors 4971910167984 light color Ahakka, sora, botan, apricot, peach light color Busufuji, sakura, custard, izumi, moegi KMMT-MKT10P-B [MT10P002Z] light colors 4971910167991 dark color Abottle green, olive,chocolate, enji, budou dark color Busuhanada, aotake, warabi, rakuda, ginnezu light color Ahakka, sora, botan, apricot, peach light color Busufuji, sakura, custard, izumi, moegi20P Package10P PackageMasking tape, 10P / mt10.60UNIT/1SIZE/H62W160D60mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 15mm10mPaper boxJapanMasking tape, 20P / mt11.60UNIT/1SIZE/H62W160D60mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 7mm10mPaper boxJapanMasking tape 10P & 20P1 7Masking tape, Wrap / mt10.80UNIT/3SIZE/H44W237D44mmMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper 235mm5mPaper boxJapan KMMT-MKTWR-A [MTWRAP02Z] usuhanada 4971910171660 KMMT-MKTWR-B [MTWRAP05Z] stripe momo 4971910171677 KMMT-MKTWR-C [MTWRAP06Z] dotpale blue 4971910171684How to use mt WrapPull out the wrap and tear the end of it using the cutting edge on the box. Fold up the bottom flap of the wrap and adhere it to the two side flaps.Put photo, greeting card etc. in the envelope.Seal the flap of envelope and you are done! KMMT-MKTWR-D [MTWRAP01Z] custard 4971910174135 KMMT-MKTWR-E [MTWRAP03Z] aotake 4971910174142 KMMT-MKTWR-F [MTWRAP04Z] hougan gray 4971910174159Masking tape mt Wrap1 8Masking tape ChristmasMasking tape, set of 3 rolls, Christmas / mtMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper OPP packJapan KMMT-MKTX1-A [MTCMAS04Z] set A 4971910173435 KMMT-MKTX1-B [MTCMAS05Z] set B 4971910173442 KMMT-MKTX1-C [MTCMAS06Z] set C 49719101734596.80UNIT/2SIZE/H6048mm10mm,20mm,30mm10mStickersStickersStickers6.80UNIT/2SIZE/H6048mm14mm,6mm,40mm10m6.80UNIT/2SIZE/H6048mm15mm,15mm,30mm10mset Aset Cset B1 9Masking tape, 1P, Christmas / mtMATERIAL/Washitraditional Japanese paper OPP packJapan KMMT-MKTX3-A [MTCMAS10Z] Holly 4971910173770 KMMT-MKTX4-A [MTCMAS11Z] Dot 4971910173787 KMMT-MKTX4-B [MTCMAS13Z] Snow 4971910173800 KMMT-MKTX4-C [MTCMAS14Z] Jingle Bells 4971910173817 KMMT-MKTX5-A [MTCMAS08Z] Knit Red 49719101737561.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1448mm14mm10m1.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m2.30UNIT/3SIZE/H2048mm20mm10m KMMT-MKTX9-A [MTCMAS021Z] Santa Gold 4971910174098 KMMT-MKTX9-B [MTCMAS022Z] Santa Dot 4971910174104 KMMT-MKTX9-C [MTCMAS023Z] Reindeer Silver 4971910174111 KMMT-MKTX9-D [MTCMAS024Z] Reindeer Dot 49719101741281.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m1.50UNIT/5SIZE/H1548mm15mm10m KMMT-MKTX8-A [MTEX1P01Z] Holly Green 4971910174074 KMMT-MKTX8-B [MTCMAS08Z] Holly Gold 49719101740812.40UNIT/3SIZE/H2448mm24mm10m2.40UNIT/3SIZE/H2448mm24mm10m* !"#$%&"'()* ##+#,&-'()* ##+#, %'./%/%*except Switzerland


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