Math-in-CTE Curriculum Mapping Template Auto Techmaine-math-in-cte. Curriculum Mapping Template . Auto Tech . CTE Concepts or . ... ulas/Linear Relationships ; ... measurements, radius, diameter,

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Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance Math-in-CTE Curriculum Mapping Template Auto Tech CTE Course/Unit CTE Concepts or Applications Embedded Math Concepts Unit Brakes Rotor thickness Drums Kinetic Energy/Weight/speed Hydraulic Systems Friction/Heat Tolerances/min-max Temp. Effects on brake fluid Levers/Mechanical Advantage Measuring Radius/Diameter Calculation/Distance/Formulas/Linear Relationships Pascals Law/Formulas Coefficients/Equations/Areas (surface) Charts/Graphs/Convert Standard to Metric Temperature reading/mass/weight/direct variation/volume/Ratios Ratios/ Calculating input & output forces Unit Alignments/Steering Suspensions Castor/Camber/Toe/Scrub Radius/Included Angle SAI (Steering Axis Inclination) Equipment/Tools Spring Rates/Compressions/ Angles, Degrees, Measurements, precision, orientation, pos/neg degrees, fractions, minutes, seconds, converting fractions/decimals, Reading Charts/tables, selection, weight, Calculating Work, Formulas, Ratios, Solving for variable Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance CTE Course/Unit CTE Concepts or Applications Embedded Math Concepts Gauges Variable Assist Tires (Temperature/Pressure) Comparing Rolling diameters to Tread Depth and/or Pressure Wheel Weights Vibration Frequency Weights Understand Ratios/Pressure Calculating Diameter/Circumference/ Charts/Aspect Ratios Read Chart/Tables/Classification/Calculate-Adjust Temperature/Pressure Conversions (English/Metric) Calculations-Hertz Unit Electrical Ohms Law (Volts, Amps, Circuits) Multi-Meters Reading Schematics Calculations/Formulas Direct/Inverse Variations/Solving for Variables Decimals, Place Value, Conversions (Powers of ten) Charts/Tables/Symbols Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance Unit Engine Fundamentals and Performance Interpret Engine Data Input/Output Parameters Diagnostic Testing Volumetric Efficiency Decimals, Tables, Charts, Algorithms Conversions, Ratios, Charts, Calculations Calculating & /or Identifying/Temp/Pressure Relationship with Motor Unit Safety Fire Tire Electrical Lifts-Vehicle Balance Vehicle Weight Professional Communication Hearing Protection Tool Rests on Machines Oxy/Acetyline Eye Protection Fulcrum, Charts/Tables, Identification, Conversions, measurements, Pressures, Ratios Unit Tool Fasteners and Measurement Read Measuring Devices Torque Conversions (Customary and Metric) Patterns/Sequences/Conversions (inch, foot lbs) Calibrations, significant digits, measurements, radius, diameter, angles Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance Grade of Bolts, threads per inch, diameters per length, identification of bolts Levers/Mechanical Advantage Devices Compression Tester Tool Identification Classification of Gaskets/Sealants/Thread lockers Classifications, charts/tables, identification Ratios KPa to PSI Conversion Fractions, dimensions (spatial awareness), decimals, number sense Reading and Interpreting Tables/Charts CTE Course/Unit CTE Concepts or Applications Embedded Math Concepts Unit Service Information and Repair Orders Labor times/Parts Costs 3 Cs (Complaint, Cause, and Correction) & Confirm Conversions (tenths-min-$), Reading Table, estimation, Money, computation, multiplication, percents, decimals Data Analysis, interpretation Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance Mark Up/ Discount Inventory Control Payroll/FICA/Budgets/Taxes/Deductions Percents, Decimals, Order of Operations Order of Operations/ Simple equations/Reconciling/money Decimals, Addition/Subtraction, Formulas, percents, Unit Preventive Maintenance Oil Changes/Filters Types of Fluids(Transmission, Brake, Steering, window, coolant, engine oil, etc.) Transmission Flush Viscosity Oils Cooling systems Barometric Pressure to PSI Pulley size/differences Belts (Tension, Deflection) Temperature (boiling points), time, flow rate, Ratios, Conversions, Temp/Pressure differences, Measurement, Capacity Diameter, Ratios Measure Deflection Rates, Charts Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance Unit Drive Train Drive Shafts/Axles Differentials Transmissions Manual/Automatic Transfer Case Clutch Hydraulics Gear Sets PSI Torque Ratios, Angles, Tolerances (Compound Inequality Statements +/-), Plotting Points, Charts/Tables, Measurements, Data Analysis, Pressures, Temperature, Proportions Unit HVAC Pressures (+/-) Temperatures/Heat/ BTUs Heat Transfer Convection Volumes LPI Weights Measurement, Conversions, Integers, Charts/Tables, Calculations-Volume, Variables, Graphing (Plotting) Unit Math-in-CTE Technical Assistance


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