MCR Safety Rebrand

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Digital content strategy, information architecture, e-Commerce redesign, and web copywriting for 2010 MCR Safety rebrand


HAZARD. After the merging of three major OSHA-regulated PPE companies in Memphis, MCR Safety had an identity crisis. A plethora of combined marketing materials from each brand.ASSESSMENT. A content inventory was taken, and content was simplified. With new information architecture, a simpler content strategy, and a smooth rebrand design, a clear path was created.PROTECTION. With reduced content all relevant to the brands new message, the site saw profoundly increased visits as far as 5 pages deep. And with consumer/distributors sections clearly diff erentiated, there was no longer confusion on direction regardless of user type. In addition to interactive strategy, the same pragmatic thoughts were at the helm of the brands new strategy, position, tagline, identity, and tactical executions both interactive and traditional.