Means of Expressing the Future

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Means of expressing the future

Future time1.will/be going topredictionsIt looks as if Jake will lose his job.Look at that wall.It looks as if its going to fall going tointentions, plansIm going to get my degree , then get a well-paid job.3.Present Continuousfixed arrangementsIm meeting Fiona on Friday to discuss the advertising campaign4.Present Simpletimetables and scheduled eventsThe shop closes at 3 pm next Saturday5.Future Continuousactions in progress at a certain future timeThis time next week Ill be travelling round Russia on business.6.Future perfectcompleted situations before a certain future timeIt looks as if Jake will have lost his job by the end of the week7.Future Perfect Continuousactions, events which continue until a certain time in the futureNext month Ill have been working here for 10 years.8.Be about to+infinitive Be on the point/verge of+gerund immediate futureIm just about to ask for my pay rise.Im just on the point/verge of asking for my pay rise.9.Be due to+infinitivescheduled timesIm due to meet my boss at eleven oclock.10.Be to+infinitiveobligations,arrangementsYoure to get those reports written before Friday.11.Be bound to+infinitivecertaintyWhen you are dealing with so many patients, mistakes are bound to happen.

12.Be (un)likely to+infinitiveprobability

The situation is (un)likely to change.