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·-- FClR TilE DiSTRICT OF ("uLr:·;".I,', , ''!'" CITIZENS AGA1~ST UFO SECRECY, Plaintiff, v. ~ATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY. Defendant.…


·-- FClR TilE DiSTRICT OF ("uLr:·;".I,', , ''!'" CITIZENS AGA1~ST UFO SECRECY, Plaintiff, v. ~ATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY. Defendant. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Civil Action No. 80-1562 ': '. , ;..⢠': ;... Nr:;·jO"ANDtJl-1 AND ORDER This Fr e e dom of Infol"rr.ation Ac t case is before .the Cpur t on de fen dan t ' s motion for s unmary jud£lT:ent. Plaintiff is soaking all documents in def~nd~nt's possession rclatinz to r!'~c·s and liFO phenomena. De f en dan t has provd de d scme material bwt has ~!thheld other ~ateTial p~~~uant to vario~s FOIA e)Le!i~pt:ior.s, ::~ 5 U.S.C. § 552(b) (1976). The bu!.1-: of 'the Z::c , ;.:. :'..' ,1'0"' " '. :- -', -2- ~~_'::"'ll~i t:..X_~E-£.!."£.Y.. 608 F. 2 d 1331, 13[;9 - 91 (I). C. Cir. 1979), £~.!:s.:.....ccni.~c, lIS U.S.L.\-!. 3730 (U.S., 1~3Y 12,1930). The Covrr c finds t h a t r e l e a s e of this mnt e r i e l could seriously j~0?nrciize the work of the agency and the security of the Fni, t c d S:;:rC?~. Unde r' the s t.nndar ds set forth in Hav_den & f~::i.E':::', t ne c La of. Section (b) (3) cxomp t i on mus t be gr an t e d ~.~ its cnti£c~y. No considc~~tion l1ceds to be given tl1c claim for pr o t e c t Lon unde r Exemp t i on 1., The s candrrr ds of Public Law 86-36 have been rne t . The CDu~t also finds that tnt> affidavits support co~tcnLS af rh~sc documents and also has provid~d 2 =~scriptio~ cf both the documents ~nd the dcJetions. The v ar Lous clnins un der Excmp t Lons 1 t 3, 5 and 6 2S to these ~oc:n::;ent s .'i:.-e p r ope r . The \-.'i t.hhe ld portions ei ther arc not r c spoc s to p La i.n t Lff ' s r e que s t or are properly exemp t e d , 'i'hr'Nlgh~ut the Court' s xcv iev of this mat er i e L, the C:'Ul"t h a s bc-e n avare of the publi c intc.est in che iSS\1~ of UFOs ~nci the need to bnlance that interest egni~st the "i;~r.C)" s :H:CO for s e c r e cy , The in ~"!~0~':'! nfL! c~uvit: pre son t s Ailc:"l v , Qt.::. No. eO-138b (D.C. Cir., fUE'cl t:(l':. rz , 1~80), bur (11c CCH:n: f.~~d:. in ill' r1i!-iC)·eliOr. tl:;,!: ;;1;C' 'P·..lb1i.c ;,:,d .....⢠.. t â¢â¢â¢ ,. ..-~ ⢠.;.,.r=.,:._ : â¢. ,.. \ â¢., ⢠. ~,f .. _ .. -."':'\1" .. ,"':0 .~.- ,n ~:';':~::.;';' .._...... ~\,.vJ.'-s ..\I.) â¢.⢠lr.t.",ti ,lelC "l~ ·"·'i .J S.~_1.1C),.⢠I~ , .' - 3- ( " o· - ' ..~~: .}~ . ". For the foregoing reasons. dc,f cn dnn I.: 's l1"vtion [or ~;\.l;;:r..;try judgment is gr.anted. SO· ORDERED. TIle c~se is disoissed. '1"0·" '.l-.."l"'e"· ,,.,- ⢠v c...... ·/0 1980 . ' .. ,. ;:.: -: