Mesonet and Drought Update

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Mesonet and Drought Update. Whats new? Whats the current drought situation? Whats next?. The new National Weather Center is Oklahomas new Weather Center. Two OSU Cowboys at OU. 120 David L Boren Boulevard. Officed at Oklahoma Climatological Survey. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mesonet and Drought UpdateWhats new?Whats the current drought situation?Whats next?The new National Weather Centeris Oklahomas new Weather CenterTwo OSU Cowboys at OU120 David L Boren BoulevardOfficed at Oklahoma Climatological SurveyDerek Arndt Acting State ClimatologistOCS Computer LabNWC AuditoriumNWCAtriumNational Weather CenterHighway 9 and Jenkins Ave, Norman, OklahomaWhats new?Whats the current drought situation?Whats next?2006ThrewMany$500 MillionFarm Loss2006 Farm Loss (Mark Hodges, Loss Mitigation, 10/18/06) US Drought Monitor CategoriesCategoryDescriptionPossible ImpactsD0Abnormally DryGoing into drought: short-term dryness slowing planting, growth of crops or pastures. Coming out of drought: some lingering water deficits; pastures or crops not fully recoveredD1Moderate DroughtSome damage to crops, pastures; streams, reservoirs, or wells low, some water shortages developing or imminent; voluntary water-use restrictions requestedD2Severe DroughtCrop or pasture losses likely; water shortages common; water restrictions imposedD3Extreme DroughtMajor crop/pasture losses; widespread water shortages or restrictionsD4Exceptional DroughtExceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses; shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells creating water emergenciesRainfall - Last 30 DaysAvailable WaterRooting depthSoil typeSoil compactionAvailable Water (inches)Soil TypeWater in1 foot of soilWater in2 feet of soilWater in3 feet of soilSand0.961.982.94Loamy Sand1.222.443.66Sandy Loam1.442.884.32Loam1.803.605.40Silt Loam2.164.326.48Silty Clay Loam1.923.845.76Clay Loam1.803.605.40Sandy Clay Loam1.683.365.04Silty Clay1.563.124.68Clay1.442.884.32Sandy Clay1.222.443.66Fractional Water Index10-inch --- Jan 1, 2007Fractional Water IndexFWI LowFWI HighSoil and Plant Impactover Extended Periods0.951.00Saturated soil0.750.95Optimum water for plant growth0.500.75Limited plant growth0.300.50Plant wilting0.100.30Plant death0.000.10Bone dry10 depthFWIJan 1 200724 depth FWIJan 1 200710 depthFWIOct 13 200624 depth FWIOct 13 20062-inch10-inch24-inch30-inchStillwater, Fractional Water Index 11/10/06 to 12/10/06Marshall - 10/16/05 to 12/15/05OSU Variety Trial Average - 28 bushels2-inch10-inchLahoma - 10/16/05 to 12/15/05OSU Variety Trial Average - 67 bushels2-inch10-inchJan 1 2007Jan 1 2006Jan 1 2005FractionalWaterIndex10-inchWhats new?Whats the current drought situation?Whats next?Climate TrendsMay Rainfall - Division 2January Rainfall - Division 2 Looking ahead - Forecasts Developing El NioAir Temperature ForecastWind ForecastPrecipitation Forecastagweather.mesonet.orgOklahoma MesonetOklahomas Weather NetworkStillwaterMesonet TowerOklahoma MesonetEstablished 1994Mesonet measurementsAir temperature RainfallRelative humiditySoil moistureSoil temperatureSolar radiationStation pressureWind directionWind speedWxScope download--- Before Agweather data can be viewed, you must first download the WxScope program ---Plan for tough times! Make the most of good times!Albert SutherlandAlbert.Sutherland@okstate.eduLaura McKayLaura.McKay@okstate.eduPhone: 405-325-3126As we move ahead, its time to make a plan for tough times. Not only for the times as they exist now, but when they come again.Intorduction:Thank you Brett.You may be wondering why Brett included a talk on weather at a cattle meeting. The answer is that weather drives the cattle business. From immediate impact on animal health to the yield and price of hay and feed. Weather IS the driving force in agricultural production.Lately the weather has dealt Oklahoma producers one tough blow after another or if youre a cowboy from riding easy to being knocked out of the saddle.As we move ahead, its time to make a plan for tough times. Not only for the times as they exist now, but when they come again.


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