Michigan Facts A Fun Way To Learn About Michigan.

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Michigan FactsA Fun Way To Learn About MichiganA is for AverageThe average annual temperature in Michigan is ________.AB is for Business____________ is one of the largest industries in Michigan.BC is for CapitalThe capital of Michigan is ____________.CD is for Dining__________ is a type of food for which our state is known for.DE is for EnergyOut state gets most of its energy from _________.EF is for Festival__________ is a festival held in our state.FG is for Geographic_________ is a geographic feature for which our state is known for.GH is for Historical___________ is a famous historical site in Michigan.HI is for InterstateAn interstate that runs through our state is __________.IJ is for JusticeOur state court is located in __________.JK is for Kindness_________ is a program that helps the less fortunate in Michigan. KL is for Lake___________ is a lake in our state.LM is for Music____________ is a musical group from Michigan.MN is for Natural Resources__________ is an important natural resource in our state.O is for OfficialOur official state bird is __________.OP is for Park__________ is a park located in our state.PQ is for QualityOur state is known for having the best _________.QR is for River_________ is a river that runs through our state.RS is for School__________ is a college found Michigan.ST is for Travel_________ miles from east to west is our state.TU is for Urban______ is the largest urban area in our state.Warren is the _______largest.UV is for Vegetation___________ is a plant that grows naturally in our state.VW is for West___________ is located to the west of Michigan.WX is for X-ray__________ is a large hospital found in Michigan.XY is for YearlyThe average yearly rainfall in Michigan is ________ inches.YZ is for ZooThere is a zoo in ________ in our state.ZWhat did you learn about Michigan??