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BAYU AIRLINES COMPANY No 23 Jalan Bendahara 88400 Kota Kinabalu Sabah Tel No (603)81116262 Fax (603)81116261 Email : info@bayuairlines.com.my.MINUTES OF THE 1ST BAYU AIRLINES COMPANY MEETING HELD ON THURSDAY, 20 JANUARY 2014 AT 9.00 A.M. IN BAC 370Present : Anwar bin Aziz : CEO (Chairman) Nor Syazalina binti Halim : Operations Manager (Secretary) Osman bin Bacok : Marketing Manager Nursyazwani binti Mohd Shuhaimi : Finance Manager1. Apologies for Absence No apologies were accepted.2. Matter ArisingThe secretary informed the committee that their new building 95 percent finished.3. Marketing Strategya) The staff was informed that Bayu Airlines Company was the new company. So, Mr. Osman suggested some strategy to increasesnthe profit. He told that his department would use electronic communication like internet, social network radio, tv and others to introduce their company. Mr. Osman informed the membes that his department would built one group to created an official website to the company. b) Ms.syazwani asked Mr.Osman the ways he would created the group. Mr. Osman answered that his department would created that team and he would informed about that team again in the next meeting.c) Mr. President hope that Mr.Osman would informed abaut this strategy in the next meeting.4. Aircraft and Building Maintanancea) Ms. Syazalina reported that her depaertment would like to increases the number of the air plane and buying some helicopter. But before she made the decisions she have to consider the budget with the finance department. b) Ms Syazwani informed that the company have a current budget so they could buy some plane in the small number.c) Ms. Syazalina said that she would make a proposal to the MEGA Plane Company because they have a good relationship. They can save budget because they can got the discount.d) Mr. President said that was the good news and he hope they can save the budget.e) Mr. Osman informed that the company building have a problem.f) Ms. Syazalina answered that her department have a link with the contractor to solve these problem and she would tke the action as soon as she could.5. Finance Plana) Mr. President would like to know abaout the profit of the company.b) Ms.Syazwani reported that the company didt have any loss in this period. However, the company have spent a lot of many in maintanance like landing trek and aircraff problem.c) Mr. President like to heard about that.6. AOBThere was no other business.7. Date of Next MeetingIt was agreed that the next meeting would be held in BAC 370 on Wednesday, 27 October 2014 at 10.00 a.m.The meeting adjourned at 11.00 a.m.Prepared by Approved by Nor Syazalina Binti Halim Anwar bin AzizSecretary President21 January 2014