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Mini Mental State ExaminationWhat is the Mini Mental State Examination?1975 by Marshall Folstein and Susan Folstein Cornell Medical CenterCognitive functioning206 patients with disordes 63 healthy control patientsIt assesses:OrientationAttentionRecall Lenguage The ability to fallow simple verbal and written commandsWhat are its strengths and limitations?Its easy to use and it can be used untrained staff. Is consistent with the results of other more time consuming methods. Internatinally used and widely translated Is used in almost every reaserch in this fieldQuick to administer and portableRequieres in the process to determine a pearson's elgibility to use Cholinesterase inhibitorsTranslation not always good Copyrighted since 2001 More variables than just age and education affect scores and norms not always available. Testers and settings can influence scores Score range limited Its one of the investigations undertaken to assist with stablishing a diagnosis for dementia. It not a tool for diagnosis dementia in its own rightGenerally well accepted by those being tested People with lower eduation level may score lower. Sensory deficits Doesn't test areas of cognitive functioning Heavy reliance on verbal testPopulation it has been used in itDementiaParkinson disease dementia Delirium Depression StrokeTotal of points 30 Mild 20-26Moderated 19-10Severe


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