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    ModModular ular UrbanUrban guided Rail systemsguided Rail systems

    Dan Otteborn, Member of theMODURBAN Supervisory Board


    Innotrans - 2008 Page 2

    MODURBAN MODURBAN Brief project overview

    Total Budget: 20 millionProject Duration: 51 Months - Jan 2005-March 200939 partners from 12 EU Countries + Chile + Canada

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 4

    Project structureProject structure

    6 SubprojectsMODONBOARDOnboard intelligent interfacesMODWAYSIDEWayside intelligent interfacesMODCOMMCommunication systemsMODACCESSPassenger access related itemsMODENERGYEnergy related aspectsMODSYSTEMSystem approach for functional + technical specifications and global risk assessment

    Collaborative research process of: 8 major system suppliers 8 major sub-system suppliers 10 urban rail operators 8 academic partners UNIFE UITP

    Demonstration in real conditions: Metro de Madrid network

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 5

    TheThe needneed forfor MODURBAN (1/2)MODURBAN (1/2)With increasing concern from operators, confirmed by a worldwide UITP survey (37 answers), on the problems of:

    interoperability within one networkline extensions

    the MODURBAN project was launched with the aim of providing common functional specifications for operators and a common technical architecture for manufacturers.

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 6

    TheThe needneed forfor MODURBAN (2/2)MODURBAN (2/2)UITP Survey results:

    80% of operators see an advantage in interoperability in their network60% see an advantage to have independence between on-board and wayside equipment40% are prepared to support higher initial cost thanks to interoperability60% are interested to participate in a group applying the same common specifications for tenders

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 7

    Added value for operatorsAdded value for operatorsReduces the cost for buying and

    running the system as a whole through:

    Exhaustive worlds best practice requirement specificationEasier bid evaluationPower saving

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 8

    Added value for industryAdded value for industry

    Simplified biddingReduces risk traditionally associated with the implementation of new technologyAnticipation of the requirements and development of standard off the shelf solutions to address the marketDifferent levels of automation allowing modular software and hardwareMODURBAN clarifies the roles and responsibilities between the operators and the suppliers

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 9

    Cornerstone of MODURBANCornerstone of MODURBAN

    The MODURBAN FRS contains the recommended functional and performance requirements, which constitutes the foundations of ModurbanResult of many years of operating and manufacturing experienceA complete set of "ready-to-use" requirements

    suitable for all operatorscovering systems ranging from manually driven trains to fully driverless operation

    A common system core ensures seamless upgrade from one level of automation to the next

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 10

    Benefits (1/2)Benefits (1/2)The assurance of a comprehensive set of requirements which derives from years of experience of major players in

    manufactureinstallation and commissioningsafety certification through risk analysis, safety plan, hazard logoperationsmaintenance

    Requirements which truly represent "state of the art" in all these critical aspectsSimplified tender process

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 11

    Benefits (2/2)Benefits (2/2)

    A "performance" specification with no surprises

    tenders using the Modurban FRS will avoid unreasonable or unforeseeable risk and cost factorsreduced system costs for:

    Specific development Project implementation

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 12

    MODURBAN System Architecture MODURBAN System Architecture

    ResultsDefinition of a common architectureAllocation of functions through a limitedset of optionsIdentification of interchangeable modules Identification of the level of specificationof interfaces (functional or full description)

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 13

    System Architecture FeaturesSystem Architecture Features

    Applicable to all system configurationsWith or without existing interlockingWith or without secondary train detectionImplementing different levels of automation

    Fault tolerant Data Communication System transparent to the train control system

    One network supports all applicationsInternational standard (IEEE 802.3) for interfacesInternet Protocol (IP) for message routing

    Onboard and Wayside databases containing all details of the infrastructure lay outIntegrated OCC with optional traction power control supervision

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 14

    System Architecture Features System Architecture Features -- illustrationillustration











    MR Train doors

    Platform doors



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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 15

    Two final events:Two final events:At the UITP Metro Conference, December 4th,2008, Lausanne:

    during the Metro Assembly presentations on the main results of MODURBAN will be given

    More information on:

    At Metro de Madrid, on the night of December 16th, 2008, Madrid:

    Final conference and demonstration event. Tests and demonstrations will be performed on the Metro de Madrid network, on the dedicated MODURBAN train, showcasing:

    Intelligent Driving Interchangeable Data Communication Systems operation Passenger Information Systems and Video Onboard and Wayside Light Weight Material

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 16

    MODURBAN Test Train 5053/5054MODURBAN Test Train 5053/5054

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    Innotrans - 2008 Page 17

    In conclusion, MODURBAN defined:In conclusion, MODURBAN defined:

    A complete set of "ready-to-use" requirements (FRS) suitable for all operators covering systems ranging from manually driven trains to fully driverless

    operationDefinition of a common basic architecture

    Allocation of functions through a limited set of optionsIdentification of interchangeable modules

    BENEFITS for operators and industry: A "performance" specification with no surprisesReduced system costs for:

    Specific development Project implementation

    Simplified tender and bidding processPower savingClarifying the roles and responsibilities between the operators and the suppliersAllowing modular software and hardwareAnticipation of the requirements and development of standard off the shelf solutions to address the market

    Innotrans - 2008 Page 18


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