Never mind the quality feel the length ?

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Never mind the quality feel the length ?. Sure Starts Blakenall experience of reach Carol Ferron-Smith Programme Manager Sure Start Blakenall 22 nd September 2004. Sure Start Blakenall - setting the scene. Sure Start Blakenall - facts and figures. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Never mind the quality feel the length ?Sure Starts Blakenall experience of reach

    Carol Ferron-SmithProgramme ManagerSure Start Blakenall

    22nd September 2004

  • Sure Start Blakenall - setting the scene

  • Sure Start Blakenall - facts and figuresThere are 566 children aged under four years living in the North Blakenall ward.

    57 per cent of the people in North Blakenall aged 16 -74 have no educational qualifications

    The ethnic profile of the area is 95 per cent British White. The largest ethnic group is Asian or Asian British Indian

    47 per cent of the homes in North Blakenall have one or more people with a limiting long-term illness.

    The levels of breastfeeding among new mothers in Blakenall area is low.

  • Who are the hard to reach ? My definition of hard to reach families

    Families identified as being in need of support but who choose not to use a particular service.

  • Reaching the reach target All Sure Start programmes are expected meet a Government target of reaching 80 per cent of children living in their area after 18 months of delivering services.

    The national guidance also states that there must be a quality aspect to each contact with a family.

  • Blakenalls reach

  • What are the barriers to reaching families ?Stigma Time Parent ChoiceService flexibility

  • Reach what are the challenges to improving low reach figures?

    Offering services that meet the Sure Start agenda and the interests of local families.

    Keeping existing families while trying to get new families to get involved.

    Developing a criteria which can look critically at the current range of activities offered to families.

    Balancing national and local targets.

  • Reach what are we doing to improve our reach?Making evaluation an integral part of everybodys work rather than an add on activity

    Encouraging staff to become reflective practioners

    Offering a more responsive service that better meet the needs of local families

  • Parent ideas for increasing reachA buddy scheme for new parents joining Sure Start. Delivering services or activities from one place.Reviewing what services and activities can be provided to families during the early evening and at weekends.Develop a parent pack which explains what each activity does and who it is aimed at.

  • Parent ideasGive parents more opportunities to meet and talk to health professionals.Review charges for Sure Start parents. More support for parents with older children who want to use Sure Start activities.Give more opportunities for parents to learn new skills at different venues.

  • What has worked well ?FreebiesBuilding parent confidenceFamily Fun eventsConfident staff who know the areaPregnancy BagsWord of mouthHaving a friend to go to an activityOffering something and delivering it

  • Reach final thoughtsDefining reach is not easy Reach what counts quantity or qualityActivity registers are not a true reflection of programme reach Impact of low reach on staff