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  • K N O W L E D G E E X C H A N G E February 2004 Anthropology News N e w collections at the Smithsonian's Anthropdogil Archives ROBERT LEOPOLD NATIONAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL ARCHIVES In 2003, the Smithsonian's National Anthropo- logical Archives and Human Studies Film Archives acquired a wealth of fieldnotes, manu- scripts, photographs, motion picture film and sound recordings documenting anthropological research, exploration and travel on every conti- nent. Together these collections enhance the breadth and scope of our current holdings, which currently consist of more than 650,000 photo- graphs, 2,500 sound recordings, eight million feet and 1,000 hours of ethnographic moving images (film and video), and more than 8,000 linear feet of fieldnotes, unpublished manuscripts, maps, 'drawings and other ethnographic materials. New Donors and Collectors The archives gratefully acknowledges the follow- ing new donors and collectors: Sister Ruth Boedigheim: Photographs document- ing Sister Inez Hilger's Araucanian fieldwork in Chile and Argentina, 1946-1952, as well as visits to Peru and the Panama Canal. Textual materials include Mapuche Chilean fieldnotes [1946-19491 and Margaret Mondloch's Araucanian-Spanish Dictionaries. Dena F Dincauze: Correspondence, presenta- tions, and slides relating to evaluation and review of archaeological work at the Monte Verde site in Chile, 19842003. Federal Program, Matanuska-Susitna Borough school District, Palmer, Alaska: Collection of 127 educational films from the 1970s and early 80s documenting the North American Indian experi- ence. Nicholas M Graver: Seminole Photograph. Curtis M Hinsley: WJ McGee photographs and publications. Karen Kramer: Original video project docu- menting the Restavek children in Haiti. Grover S Krantz: Papers, film, video, audio tapes, correspondence, manuscripts, publications, slides and teaching files, and materials relating to Sas- quatch. Commander Robert E Kuntz: Color slides of Taiwan dating from the late 1950s to early 1960s, film negatives of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe. Arthur H Leipold: Fieldnotes for a solar energy project in Ixtenco and Cuahtenco, two commu- nities in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1958-1959. Ronald Little Owl: Photographs of Mandan cal- endric records. George McGhee: Photographs of New Guinea. Stasia Mill& Film collection of professionally produced ethnographic and natural history titles marketed for home consumption in the 20s and 30s by companies such as Kodak Ciegraph, Burton Holmes Travel Film-Reels and Pathegrams. Robert W Neumalz: River Basin Surveys Field Materials [1959-1967, including field reports, log books, and weekly reports as well as photographs and survey forms. Files on Chattahoochee and Columbia Dam. Ludislav P Novak: Studies of aging, biological growth, and physical activities using body com- position analysis conducted at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota in the 1960s and 1970s. Willow Powers: Oral history interviews with Alexander Leighton and Jane Murphy, 2002. Jean Prentiss: Nine albumen photographs taken about 1870 by or for Alexander W Chase, survey- or for the Coast Survey. Most depict Yurok and Hupa from the lower Klamath River; two are of Chase's archeolonical col- " p' I lection. Elizabeth S Schober: Color slides of Tibet and Indo-China from Bob and Betty Fischer Ekvall, Christian and Missionary Alliance. Sonya Shenn: Papers of Irving Goldman Papers, including correspondence, Cubeo I and Polynesia fieldnotes [1935-19791, photographs, slides, 8mm film, microfilm, audio cassettes. Fred A Ware, Jr: Amateur film documenting the 1933 Leahy expedition to British geologist Sir Archibald Geike (left), Major John Wesley Powell (director, the ww valley, Papua - - Bureau of American Ethnology), and Charles 0 Walcott (paleontologist and New Guinea, shot by un- director, US Geological Survey). Photo by H F Reid, May 1897. The inscription known Creator. reads, "Gift photo to WJ McGee which your Grandma thought you might care Anne Thaxter Watson: to show to some of your acquaintances." Curtis M Hinsley Collection, National Papers of James B Watson, Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution. including compondence, fieldnotes, maps and publications &it- ing to research in P a p New Guinea, Del Norte Colorado, and Brazil. Also contains University of Washington, teaching files. Martha Seley Whitney: Correspondence and scrapbook relating to Muriel K Cooke's tenure with the Peace Corps in the Philippines. William F Webb: Photographs of Zanzibar doors documenting collection in the National Museum of Natural History. Personal Papers The archives also received additions to the fol- lowing collections of personal and professional papers: John W Griffin: Correspondence, notes and publications. Joel Halpem: Research and teachmg files, 1951- 1990. Eugene Z Knez: Video and slides from Bhutan, India, Italy, Japan and Pakistan, 1960-1986. LUnlle Phelps Laszlo: 35mm slides taken on the 1953 Andreas E Lazlo expedition to Angola. Beatrice Medicine: Correspondence, articles, magazines, manuscripts, newsletters, and pro- grams [1969-20011 relating to Native American health care and education. Institutions and organizations featured include the Native Ameri- can Education Service, the National Conference of American Indian Professors and the Intema- tional Congress on Women's Health Issues. John V Murra: Correspondence, photographs, audio tapes, videotapes, biographical informa- tion, maps, dream archives, subject files, and copies of archival documents used in research. James L Peacock: Photographs. Brother Simon: American Indian Memorabilia, Virginia D Watson: Published and unpublished writings, data relating to the PEHNG archeologi- cal project including correspondence, field notes and slides. 1998-2002. Professional Papers The National Anthropological Archives main- tains the records of more than 30 professional organizations. In 2003, the archives received the following records: American Anthropological Association: Files from the following offices: Government Relations [including Task Force files], Executive Director, Publications, Press, and Finance. American Dermatoglphics Association Records Council for Museum Anthropology: Treasurer's Records [1998-2002]; President's Records [1993- 19951; Correspondence [1986-19891; AAM Board of Director's Meeting Minutes [1993-19951; CMA Newsletter; Nominating Committee files [1997- 19981. Anthropologists who wish to discuss donating their professional papers and other cultural mate- rials to the National Anthropological Archives or moving images and related documentation to the Human Studies Film'khives are invited to contact Jake Homiak at 301/238-6655; homiak. B 17