Nokia's six principles for social media engagement

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1. Nokias six principlesfor successfulengagementSOCIAL MEDIA 2. Nokiadoingsocial atscale 3. How and where does thecustomer want to be engaged?ConsiderBondAdvocate Evaluate Enjoy Buy Mckinsey & Cos Consumer Decision Journey Model Md l firs p b h dHrv rdB s esRv wo e t u lis e a a u in s e ie 4. NokiasSocial mediaprinciples 5. Consider the socialopportunity ineverything we do 6. TRONSponsorshipimg (c)D n ya e c is e 7. Engage inbetterconversationswith moreconsumers 8. NokiaSocializer 9. Deliverpersonalexperiences(be authentic)& earn trust 10. TextNokias#FollowFriday 11. Sharing is moreimportant thancontrol 12. Nokia Shorts2011 13. Define clearobjectivesfrom theoutset 5 14. SocialCommerceSuccess 15. Invest andcommit tosocialpresences 16. NokiaConnects 17. Conclusiontowarda socialbusiness 18. Further Reading andTa-dah! notes