Nokia's Six Principles for Successful Social Media Engagement

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Antony Mayfield from Brilliant Noise shares Nokia's six secrets at the SMI Vocus 10 Secrets to Social Media Engagement webinar


Nokias six principles for successful engagementSOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE@amayfield @brilliantnoisebrilliantnoise.comTheres awhite paper first published Harvard Business ReviewNokia is embracing customer-centric modelsBondAdvocateEnjoyBuyEvaluateMckinsey & Cos Consumer Decision Journey ModelConsiderNokiasSocial media principlesConsider the social opportunity in everything we do 1.TRONSponsorshipimage (cc) Disney Engage in better conversations with more consumers NokiaSocializerDeliver personal experiences (be authentic) & earn trustNokias#FollowFridayTextSharing is more important than control 4.Nokia Shorts 2011Define clear objectives from the outset 5.SocialCommerceSuccessInvest and commit to social presences 6.Nokia ConnectsConclusion toward a social businessFurther Reading and notes at:@amayfieldbrilliantnoise.comTa-dah!