Non Profit Marketing in the Digital Era

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How can non profit organizations market themselves through digital medium? We list out the popular ways on how non profit marketing can be handled effectively and with almost no cost to the organizations.


1. Non profit Marketing in the Digital Era www.niyati.comUseful tools and tips for promoting non profit organizations online.Prepared by: Ramesh Nair, CEO, Niyati Technologies a digital agency from India Niyati Technologies. All rights reserved. 2. Online marketing avenues for non profit organizations To effectively market your non profit organization, it is imperative to be active on all the available digital marketing avenues. 3. Digital TouchpointsAs a non profit organization, your first task in digital marketingis to be present in all the popular digital spaces. Let usevaluate the most popular ones. 4. WikipediaBeing a highly trafficked site, make sure youhave a descriptive page on Wikipedia withfactual content formatted in true Wiki style.Provide links to your website and anyexternal websites that has carried importantnews about your organization 5. TwitterRegister your Twitter username in yourorganizations name. Tweet regularly aboutyour organizations activities. Use keyword-rich hashtags. Connect with people andorganization in the same line as yours.Participate in discussions. Retweet share-worthy content. Add twitter share buttonson your website for visitors to share yourcontent. 6. FacebookHaving a page for your non profit onFacebook helps you in connecting andcommunicating with the community that areinterested in your cause. Post updates, askquestions, conduct polls, request donations,run campaigns the possibilities are onlylimited by your imagination. 7. LinkedInLinkedin helps you connect with a moremature audience, many of whom aredecision makers or senior professionals. Apremium account on Linkedin can help youconnect directly with an influential person.Linkedin is also a great place to advertisecareer openings in your organization. 8. SlideshareYes, the same website you are now readingthis on! Post every sharable PowerPointpresentations you create on Slideshare injust few clicks. This is a short-cut way to gettremendous traffic and visibility to yourorganization. Whats more, Slideshareworks like magic on search engine ranking! 9. PinterestBeing a visual medium, Pinterest allows youto beautifully organize internal and externalpictures. The more people pin pictures fromyour website, the better for your websitestraffic and ranking.The bottomline: Have pics? pin it! 10. Flickr A service from Yahoo, Flickr helps you organize your photos in a neat and orderly format. Pictures from your Flickr page can also be embedded on your website and blog pages, thereby saving your server bandwidth. 11. QuoraThanks to the quality of content, Quora is agreat place of networking, sharing knowledgeand establishing your NGO as an authority inyour line of activity. Quora can also beeffectively used for link building and leadgeneration. 12. Google for non-profits 13. Google for non-profits 14. Google for Nonprofits Google offers heavily discounted products including Google AdWords, Google Apps, Mapping tools and much 15. In-kind advertisingNot many know that non profitscan avail free advertising worthup to $10,000 per month, thanksto Google AdWords. 16. Causes Causes provided a free platform with easy-to-use tools for creating a cause that is close to your 17. Thank you!About Niyati:We are a 13 year old India based digital agency helping organizationhave a powerful brand presence online.Learn more about us at