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On Set

This document is to show what happened on set while filming and the equipment that was used. This document will also descried in some of photos what is happening.

Are main stage was two tables put together with a little gap in between to be able to make the bottle and the cup look like they are talking with each other. The tables also had a black cover over the top of them and then we used some glitter sprinkled over the top of the cover to make it seem more like a party. To do this we used magnets in the bottle of Coke and for the cup we didnt use any magnets this was because the magnet was visible thought the cup so we decided to push it up and down from under the table. Behind the table in the background we had two chairs this was because we didnt want any people sitting in the background, but we still needed to make it look like people were at this party and that you would be able to see that people had been sitting there. To block out the coloured walls we put up black curtone so that the light did not bounce off the wall and cause problems while filming. Behind the main bottle and cup we had some other cups

The lighting that we used was the stage lights and we put filters over them to have different colours going at the same time to give the effect that it was a really party happening. We also used a scanner to have the different light styles and shapes happening at the same time. Then to make the lights seem like they were going on and off we had our lighting manager use the lighting switches to make it seem like the different effects on screen.

Photos from on set

This was taken after we had finished filming this is why the other cup has fallen over after being crushed.