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Opdracht 1 - Fusies en Allianties - PowerPoint 2 (Netwerking II)

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  • 1. AlliancePeugeot GM

2. Peugeot 3. Peugeot Headquartered in Paris, France Major French car brand Part of PSA Peugeot Citron (Second largestcarmaker based in Europe) 4. Peugeot Historyo Founded in 1810 by the Peugeot familyo 1842: Production of coffee, pepper and salt grinderso 1858: Applied for the lion trademarko 1882: Production of bicycleso 1891: Produced its first automobileo 1896: Built the first Peugeot engineso 1896: Armand Peugeot formed his own company: Socit Anonyme des Automobiles Peugeot 5. Peugeot Historyo 1903: Added a motorcycle to its rangeo 1926: Car company and bike company parted wayso 1975: Takeover of Citron: PSA: Peugeot Socit Anonymeo 2010: Planned on pursuing new markets: China Russia South Americao 2011: Re-entered the Indian market 6. PeugeotPepper & salt grinderBicycleMotorcycle 7. PeugeotFirst carMy car(Peugeot 206) New model(Peugeot 208) 8. GM 9. GM Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan American multinational automotive corporation Worlds largest automaker 202,000 people in 157 countries Produces cars and trucks in 31 countries 10. GM Historyo Founded in 1908, in Flint, Michigan by William C. Duranto Holding company for Buicko 1910: Durant lost control of GM to a bankers trust (Large amountof debt)o 1911: Durant took back control of GMo 1916: General Motors Company became General MotorsCorporation 11. GM Historyo 1917: Durant lost control for good (New vehicle market collapsed)o Alfred P. Sloan: Took charge of the corporationo 1931 2007 (77 years): Global saleso 2008 2010: Second largest global automaker by saleso 2011: Retook the number one spot from Toyota 12. GMChevrolet Buick(Chevrolet Cruze)(Buick Regal) GMC(GMC Acadia) 13. GMCadillacIsuzu(Cadillac CTS) (Isuzu D-MAX)Opel (Opel Ampera) 14. Alliance Peugeot GM Build cars and components in Europe Develop engines, transmission systems and entirevehicles that would be sold under their respectivebrands Would not be a merger Would be unlikely to involve an exchange of shares 15. Alliance Peugeot GM 16. Thank you