Open Courseware and Reusable Learning Objects

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Open Courseware and Reusable Learning Objects. Ryan Burkett Jill Lambeth Jon Martens Kim Roberts. What is Open Courseware?. Free Courses Web-Based Available to any user, anywhere Noncredit/No degree Sites publish their own materials. MIT Open Courseware. Project Announced 10/2002 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Open Courseware and Reusable Learning ObjectsOpen Courseware and Reusable Learning ObjectsRyan BurkettJill LambethJon MartensKim Roberts1What is Open Courseware?Free CoursesWeb-BasedAvailable to any user, anywhereNoncredit/No degreeSites publish their own materials2MIT Open CoursewareProject Announced 10/2002As of 09/2003, MIT published its 500th courseAs of 08/2008 over 1800 courses availableOnly 26 included complete video lecturesIncomplete lecture notesMany available through iTunes U Video Open Courseware Siteshttp://www.jhsph.edu Learning Objects678Building Open Courseware9Questions10


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