Our Purpose The GreenCom Way Our Vision Our Strategies What we excel at Where are we going ?Why we exist ? How do we do it ? Partnering using our shared.

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Our PurposeThe GreenCom WayOur VisionOur StrategiesWhat we excel atWhere are we going ?Why we exist ?How do we do it ?Partnering using our shared risk model, Simple, Fastand Trusted ROITo save you money,help you be environmentally compliant & create sustainable change.Recognised as the Leading Green Solutions Provider to the Business Market in AfricaWho are we ?

Leading TechnologiesBest solutionsBest adviceBest Service,Best ValueOur StrategiesWhat we excel at

Global climate change is a reality

Legislation in place to reduce impact

Natural resource shortages are a challenge e.g. Water

Carbon Footprint reduction is key & a big part of the focus

Blue chips becoming more proactive

Integrated reporting requirements

Cost saving benefits driving change

Procurement practices shifting

Consumer education

Key environmental trends

What is a Business Ready Environment?A group / company who is serious about saving resources

An environment that wants to create sustainable change

People that know doing nothing is not an option

Business people who want to protect our future earth

Companies who know small change = huge difference

A company who wants to be compliant

Wants to save costs and not compromise on quality

Creative and bold

Finds a better way

Our 4 product towersGreen Water

Scaleblaster EcoloBlue Aquatrip

Environmental assessment plan Integrated reporting Green Waste

Panda e HealthcareOn-Site

Green Energy

Heat Pumps Solar panels Photo Voltaic

Green IT

Vodacom Cloud servicesMachine 2 MachineBroadband connect

Why partner with us ?

Why partner with GreenCom? Passionate about the S. A & African Green agenda

Strong customer service orientation backed by an SLA

Highly qualified & experienced team

Access to the world best technology: first

Cost effective solutions with a guaranteed ROI

Local roots with a global track record of product delivery

Proven case studies; Industry and SABS endorsements

Compliant with the changing regulatory environment

Our unique service / support model

Thank you.


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