Outdoor Kitchen Project 2008

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  1. 1. Outdoor Kitchen Pr oject 2008
  2. 2. We met with David Martine of Treescapes, Inc. in Andover on April 30th, signed a contract, and made a 33% down-payment. When we asked him what a normal time would be to expect completion, he said it should take two to three weeks for us to start, and another two to three weeks to finish. Due to weather and other delays, these photos represent the status of the project on Day 54.
  3. 3. Day 55 showed promise, as the rest of the pergola went up and fence materials appeared by the pool. Denver, the carpenter, was finishing up for the day when I got home from work.
  4. 4. At the end of Day 57, the screening fences around the pool equipment and under the deck were completed. The connection to the sewer line for the sink was also done.
  5. 5. At different times, wildlife came by to check the progress.
  6. 6. On Day 61, concrete forms were partially set for stepping stones and the kitchens floor. Pallets of mortar and facing stone appeared on the driveway.
  7. 7. On Day 63, the forming was finished. Howard Rimer, pool guy and all-around expert in matters concrete, thinks they should double and raise the re-bar.
  8. 8. This is what I saw in the street in front of our house at 9AM on July 3rd. The concrete pump driver was there, waiting for the crew and the cement truck. They arrived shortly.
  9. 9. On Day 65, progress was obvious. The cabinets were left on the pool deck, but it finally looked like something was really going to happen.
  10. 10. On Day 66, Ben helped me move the cabinets back onto the kitchen pad and place them in order. We had to turn one 90 degrees due to the pipes sticking through the concrete.
  11. 11. To pass the time on July 5th and 6th while waiting for more work to be completed, I power-washed and stained the deck and dock down by the pond.
  12. 12. Day 68 one of the two sunny days in this weeks forecast. The cabinets are placed, and the facing of the bar side of the project is begun. The back cooking and serving side will have a place for a small outdoor fridge and a three storage units (one for a trash can, one for the propane bottle, and a three drawer unit w/ pop-up paper towel holder) installed in it before the facing can be put on that side.
  13. 13. Day 70 what a difference a little rock can make! I am really starting to like the looks of it now I cant wait for the limestone counter top and bar to go in. And the sink, refrigerator, storage doors, and cooker but one step at a time, I guess. The rain yesterday washed most of the concrete release powder from the stamping procedure off the plants.
  14. 14. A lot of change on days 71 and 72 while I was in the hospital for my ablation. Still kind of wondering where the sink goes.
  15. 15. Days 75 and 76: the electrician stopped by and screwed three boxes to the frame on Monday the sum total of the work accomplished that day. On Tuesday, they completed facing all but one surface and cut part of the countertop the upside down sink shows it will be immediately above the tilt-out trash bin. The cooker is supposed to be here tomorrow.
  16. 16. Day 77 Lindas birthday. They cut the hole for the grill and sink, but I cant get to the sink without some part of my body touching the grill. Not safe, and it will have to be changed. Misha starts a bedroom wall project, though Linda tells her it will be painted over next year.
  17. 17. Day 92 counters are installed, but not finished party in 2 days
  18. 18. Day 93 Chad Allen and Denver finishing up almost everything.
  19. 19. August 2 Day 94. Almost done, and usable.
  20. 20. I am very happy with the way things turned out it was worth waiting for.
  21. 21. My new challenge is to get the pool and landscaping up to the new standard set in the back yard and schedule some get-togethers that wont stress my spouse too much.