pam vs pam ii

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NetApp - Products - Storage Systems - Flash Cache and PAM - Flash Cac... Cache and PAM Technical SpecificationsShareSpecifications Original PAM 16GB Read Cache 16GB of DRAM memory per module Flash Cache (PAM II) 256GB 256GB of SLC flash memory per module Flash Cache (PAM II) 512GB 512GB of SLC flash memory per moduleCache Management Physical Characteristics I/O Slot Interface I/O Slot Length and Orientation Power Consumption Operating SystemSystem interaction and cache managed by customized FPGA -length PCI Express cardx4 PCI Expressx8 PCI ExpressFits into PCI Express -length horizontal, -length vertical, and full-length vertical slots18W typical, 25W maximum NetApp Data ONTAP 7.3 or later; Data ONTAP 8.0 or later NetApp Data ONTAP 7.3.2 or later except for FAS/V6070 and SA600, which require Data ONTAP 7.3.3 or laterStorage Protocols Software Compatibility Software LicenseAll protocols supported by the storage controller Works with all Data ONTAP software One software license required per storage controllerSupported Platforms Max. Number of Modules, Max. Added Read Cache per HA system Original PAM 16GB FAS6080, V6080 FAS6070, V6070 SA600 FAS6040, V6040 FAS6030, V6030 FAS3170, V3170 10, 160GB 10, 160GB 10, 160GB 8, 128GB 8, 128GB 8, 128GB Flash Cache (PAM II) 256GB Flash Cache (PAM II) 512GB 8, 4TB 8, 4TB 8, 4TB 4, 2TB 4, 2TB1 of 213-07-2010 20:40NetApp - Products - Storage Systems - Flash Cache and PAM - Flash Cac..., V3070 SA300 FAS3160, V3160 FAS3140, V3140 FAS3040, V30404, 64GB 4, 64GB 4, 64GB 4, 64GB 2, 32GB4, 1TB 4, 1TB 2, 512GB --Note: These specifications are for a dual-controller, high availability (HA) system. Divide numbers by 2 for a single-controller system configuration.Find this article at: Close Check the box to include the list of links referenced in the article. NetApp2 of 213-07-2010 20:40


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