Partnership Training Program * * * Train-The- Trainer Workshop

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AHIP, NAHU & AHIA Present . . . . Partnership Training Program * * * Train-The- Trainer Workshop. Agenda. PART 1 - Overview What the program provides 3 sponsoring organizations AHIP, NAHU & AHIA Why premier Partnership Training Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Partnership Training Program* * * Train-The- Trainer WorkshopAHIP, NAHU & AHIA Present . . . AgendaPART 1 - OverviewWhat the program provides3 sponsoring organizations AHIP, NAHU & AHIAWhy premier Partnership Training Program 3 Delivery Systems Self Study, On-line & Live Workshops AgendaPART 2 DetailsCourse CurriculumImportant Course Details Testing & State variations Partnership Turnkey Training PackageConclusion Q&A Important Information Questions E-mail address CIEPDSupport@ahip.orgWebsitewww.LTCPartnershipsOnline.comMargie Barrie AHIP National Partnership Coordinator LTCIs Premier PartnershipTraining ProgramProvided by 3 leading non-profit national industry associations - AHIP - NAHU - AHIA / NAIFALTCIs Premier PartnershipTraining ProgramDeveloped by the industry for the industryProvides standardization for the training Sophisticated tracking capabilities 8 hours of CE credits Certified Trainer Program Reasons for criteriaMust take on-line courseMust complete form Acknowledgement of AHIP Intellectual Property RightsReference letters from carriers 3 Training Options Self studyOn-line - Reporting & tracking capabilities Live workshop instruction - Turnkey teaching package - Certified Trainer programAdministrative & Creative Support Partners Pinpoint GlobalInsuranceEdAHIP Part 2 Review Of Materials & Tips Course Curriculum - Presentation choices - Workshop structure - Information you will be covering Important course details - Testing - State variations Turnkey Training PackageCertified Trainer Sequence of EventsReview of classroom materials - Textbook - Leaders Guide - PowerPoint - Participants Binder Turnkey Training PackagePublicity Kit contents Enrollment Kit contentsYour responsibilitiesWorkshop Coordination Kit contents Tuition for the Partnership WorkshopMore suggestions ConclusionWhy the Partnership Plans will help our industryKey messages to share 1. It provides standardization and a single unified solution for the trainingsimilar training curriculum for all states. 2. State specific training components 3. Three methods of distribution provides choices of learning 4. Sophisticated tracking capabilitiesKey Messages 5. Co-sponsored by the three leading non-profit association in our marketplace: AHIP, NAHU and AHIA / NAIFA 6. Commitment from national association to keep materials continually updated 7. Commitment to provide the four hour renewal training 8. The course designed to meet states requirements for 8 hours of Partnership training and 8 hours of CE credits


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