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  • PHY111 course outlinelecture coursecourseworkassessmentresources

  • lecture courseaim: to give you a general outline of modern astronomydoes not include much mathematics (PHY104)does not include positional astronomy or telescopes (PHY105)does not include much about the planets of our own solar system (PHY106)15 lectures + 4 guest seminars + 2 progress tests = 21 lecture slots

  • lecture course5 sections:introduction: how we get from observations to physics (2 lectures)the stars: their structure, evolution, birth and death (4 lectures)the galaxies: our galaxy, galaxy classification, galaxy evolution (3 lectures)the universe: cosmology and the Big Bang (3 lectures)planets and life: properties of planetary systems, prospects for finding life (2 lectures)

  • courseworkExam preparation:two progress tests (multiple choice, during lecture slots) one homework exercise (more detailed questions, towards end of semester) Directed Reading aims to exercise your skills in assimilating written material and in essay writingread a book, answer questions on it, review it

  • assessmentEnd of semester exam: 60%20 multiple choice questions (24%)3 from 5 short questions (18%) 1 from 3 long questions (18%)Progress tests 2 x 5% = 10%Homework 5%Directed Reading 25%answering questions 15%review 10%can resit in Augustcan resit in summerno resit!

  • resourcescourse website textbookhttp://www.astronomynotes.comlecturerroom D22email


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