Pinterest and Instagram - The Rising Stars of Social Media

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There is an on-going revolution among social networks on todays highly competitive internet marketing and SEO.


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    Pinterest and Instagram - The Rising Stars of Social Media

    There is an on-going revolution among social networks on todays highly competitive internet

    marketing and SEO. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are also hundreds of other options,

    most of which youve probably never even heard of although this two social networks we're going

    to tackle is now rising through the edge of social media battle.

    If you are an online marketer, one service you may want to make yourself familiar with is a

    friendly new site called Pinterest. Perhaps the best thing about this little tool is that it can be used

    much differently than the usual suspects, yet still deliver good results.

    You've seen those vintage-themed artsy photos taken by Iphone. It's called Instagram - a pretty

    amazing Iphone-only App. Their USP you would think, is the amazing filters in their app to make

    pretty much any of your photos look brilliant. But no, thats not the case. There are many Iphone

    photo apps out there, that do different things to your photos, but Instagram is the only one that

    has added the Social Network component to it. It allows you to follow cool people, and be followed

    and use of HashTags much like Twitter.

    Pinterest - Latest Hype in Social Media

    Pinterest is a relatively new social networking site that is fun, easy, and catching on the hype right

    now. It allows users to create online image collages, then quickly and easily share those collages

    called pinboards with other Pinterest users.

    Showcase Your Products

    Pinterest is great for pinning up the items from your store and letting users see what you have

    available in the catalog. The cool part about Pinterest is the targeted element that allows you to

    create different categories, meaning you can segment your items in sections that accommodate

    groups such as Kids, Adults, Gadgets, Designs, and so forth.

    Sell Yourself

    From a visibility perspective, social networking is great for companies and individual entrepreneurs

    alike. However, the rich visual aspect of Pinterest offers unique opportunities for establishing your

    presence. For instance, if you are a photographer or website designer, you could use the site to

    create a digital portfolio showcasing your best work. Thanks to a nice collection of user-friendly

    tools, you dont have to worry about needing to be an expert programmer just to put together a

    presentation that looks nice and professional. Include a link to your website, blog, or social

    hangout, and this could be a highly effective way to boost your traffic numbers.

  • Digital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast

    Optimize Your Presence

    Pinterest brings tremendous SEO value to the table but the real strategic opportunity is in

    optimizing your content. When users pin your content to their board, or you pin your own stuff,

    you are creating quality backlinks that can help you rank higher in the SERPs. Of course, good

    rankings bring traffic, and traffic is necessary for conversions. When optimizing your presence on

    Pinterest, remember that the same SEO rules apply use relevant keywords and encourage your

    connections to help you create quality links. It's also an opportunity to browse around and see

    what type of images are being pinned in your market sector or niche. Pinterest is an extremely

    visual medium, so pinners generally are looking for the largest and most appealing images


    Arguably, Pinterest is the hottest ticket in town as far as social media goes. We know whos on top

    but statistics show that the site has grown by an incredible 4000% over the past six months. As

    far as keeping users engaged, it comes in at #3 behind Facebook and Tumblr, yet ahead of both

    LinkedIn and Google+ with an impressive 88.3 minutes spent on the site per visit. Anything can

    happen in the unpredictable social space, but Pinterest is definitely the train to watch.

    Gain More Followers on Instagram

    Launched in October 2010 as an instant photo-sharing, Instagram has since then garnered 15

    million users who have uploaded 400 million photos, becoming a social-media phenomenon in its

    own right.

    Top brands have begun showing interest in Instagram, which is currently available only on Apple

    devices. Starbucks has 202,000 followers through the app, Red Bull has 95,000 and Burberry has


    Three fashion brands have leveraged Instagrams API for their marketing success, namely they are

    Bergdorf Goodman, A Is For ALDO, and Levi's. GE posts photos of it's manufacturing process to

    Instagram. Sportswear company Puma recently sponsored 10 bloggers to Abu Dhabi to document

    the Volvo Ocean Race and Mar Mostro yacht.

    These brands are using Instagram to communicate with their customers on yet another social

    media level, as it turns out the platform is more effective than Facebook or Twitter in some ways.

    Optimizing for Instagram

    You can display your Instagram Images on your blog using this very simple and easy to install

    Instagram Word Press Plugin .

    Additionally, you can display Instagram photo content by Hashtags, which means the possibilities

    are endless what you can use these for. Most likely you need a WordPress Developer to install this

    one though.

  • Digital Organics: Web Design Sunshine Coast - 1/102 Howard Street, Nambour, QLD 4560 T 617 5476 3800, SEO Sunshine Coast

    When you build your own Instagram API, you can apply elements of gamification, high or low

    levels of curation, you can tell a story with pictures or search the far corners of the earth of talent

    and beauty, all while promoting your brand. It is important to remember, however, that this

    wealth of content that youre mining technically belongs to someone else.

    The most important thing to remember is that you should only be uploading your most impressive

    and best photos to your Instagram followers. Unless youre a celebrity, (who thousands of

    mindless denizens of the web will follow anyway, regardless of what you post) nobody gives three

    craps that youve just folded your shirts and decided to show the world how awesome you are at

    it. The best way to look at it is as if you were a potential follower finding your own picture on

    Instagram. If you saw it, would you want to follow that person? If the answer is no, dont post it.

    If you have other marketing channels (i.e. blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) you should let

    your existing fans and followers know youre now a member of the Instagram family so they can

    follow you there. The more you promote yourself elsewhere and let people know youre now

    photo-blogging like a mad teenage hipster whos just been given their first iPhone, the better your

    chances of harvesting new followers. Remember, social media success is all about perseverence

    and constant promotion. Get yourself out there.

    Every single day, there's a massive changes happening on the web. Social networking is the finest

    place imaginable to get the help that one might need. There are millions of people out there that

    will read just about anything that looks interesting. Because of this phenomenon on the internet,

    its just a beginning to making yourself known to millions of people that might read up on your

    stuff and enjoy your work.


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