Please Dont Make Me Love You

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Please Dont Make Me Love You music sheetDon Black


(from: Dracula)Please Don't Make Me Love YouMusic by Frank WildhornLyrics by Ch. Hampton & D. BlackArrangement by Koen Schoots2 3 4 p f 5 6 7 8There's only- so much that a heart can take Be fore- it starts to break9 10 11Please don't make me love you, please don't make me need you, I've no room in my lifefor312 13 14something- like3this.Please don't take my mor nings, - please don't steal my sum mers, -Vc Solo15 16 17I knwo they will va nish,- the3moment- we3kiss. I grow weak when we talk, 18 19 20I'm con fused - when we touch, I should just walk a way, -but that's as king - too much.gliss.21 22 23Please don't make me do this, please don't make me want this, all my dreams wee ta ken, - un-24 25 26til I met you, you're the one I think of as soonas I a wa - ken -227 28 29fun ny- how the heart tells the mindwhat to do. I'm not sure I can go through all the30 31 32joy and the pain, much better- not to take these dreamsten. take flight.33 3333 34 35Please don't make me love you, please don't make me need you, sim pli- fy- my life by just36 37 38set ting - me free, Pro mise- me you'll do this, on ly- you can dothis!339 40 41 42 43Please don't make me love you,un less- you loveme! ppp4