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  • BIM in construction management - masters course (5cr): Nov-Dec2017

    Project work description: BIM collaborative project

    BIM implementation - Planning, Design, Construction, Operation

    Company A-One is interested to develop shared apartment with modular concept of 6x6 m2 of individual rooms. The proposed site for the project is 70m long x 40m wide and with the proposed site entrance at the center of longer side.

    An apartment block will consist of two rooms each of 36 sq m and along with a shared space of 36 sq m. Similar modular spaces are combined to form an overall group of blocks - as shown with a rough layout below).

    The ground floor space has been defined as mixed used spaces. Individual block will be developed for different purposes and services. Each group will be responsible for planning and developing each block as shown below (along with a proposed entrance for the spaces):

  • BIM in construction management - masters course (5cr): Nov-Dec2017

    It is allowed to make minor changes in the shape (depending upon the design). However, the adjacent combing walls for each block has the flexibility of only one meter. These adjacent walls are considered to be the common service ports of the spaces and so should be well thought of how to combine these services. If the dimension of adjacent walls are minimized, it should be well-collaborated with adjacent block/ project group.

    A presentation view (preliminary concept the client has accepted) of the combination is shown below:

    Project work requirements

    Project type: group work

    A team of 4-5 students work as a group to plan and design the blocks. Please refer to the table below for project requirements:

  • BIM in construction management - masters course (5cr): Nov-Dec2017

    Requirement Remarks

    PLAN Utilize and develop BIM execution planning (Purpose of model, level of detail, *work division, project schedule, ) Submission requirement: BIM execution planning document(s)

    DESIGN Design (Add useful minimum data *eg-window size is critical- *classification system) Use appropriate BIM design authoring tools Architectural design - Archicad, Revit (Architecture) Structural design - Tekla, Revit (Structure) MEP design - CADS, Magicad Collaborate/quality check Solibri/ trimble connect/tekla bimsight Clash detection IFC data exchange between authoring tools and collaboration tools Data extraction Quantity take off Cost estimation Resource management Architectural IFC Structural IFC Building services IFC Coordination model (native models)

    Archicad Revit Tekla structures Magicad CADS planner

    Coordinate/ quality checking

    Solibri Trimble connect

    Solibri Trimble connect

    CONSTRUCT 4D virtual construction (add time for the construction activities) 5D - cost calculation for the project 4D simulation (Naviswork model, Gantt chart, LOB) Cost calculation sheets (Excel) Other performance analysis (e.g. energy)[optional]

    NAVISWORKs TEKLA structures

    OPERATE COBie output As-Built model (Room interior laser scan) Link to VisuaLynk

    FM data in a single system

    Project output Models Execution documentation (original plan to updated document) Presentation slides Individual special assignments

  • BIM in construction management - masters course (5cr): Nov-Dec2017

    Project requirement/specification-

    Example use cases, e.g. Group A: Clinic, Group B: Library, Group C: Apartment block

    Project type 1: Non-volumetric prefab construction

    Project type 2: Volumetric construction without frames

    Project type 3: Volumetric construction with frames

    Course Schedule




    2/11/2017 Introduction- About the course, about the project

    Team formation, Clarifications

    3/11/2017 Execution plan- Industry example Start design phase

    Preliminary execution plan- working document

    9/11/2017 Discussion- Special assignment topics -

    10/11/2017 Discussion- Project progress Finalize choice of special assignments

    16/11/2017 Short presentation- Industry example -

    17/11/2017 Discussion- Project progress Coordination model, Handover to PPM team



    23/11/2017 Scope agreement Cost estimation report

    24/11/2017 Schedule/ LOB

    30/11/2017 4D animation

    1/12/2017 As-built scanning Handover to FM team

    FM 7/12/2017 Project data on VisuaLynk

    8/12/2017 Final presentation

    Special assignment- potential topics (You can also propose your own topic, but it has to related to the project work and agreed upon):

    1. Volumetric construction- execution plans

    2. Volumetric construction- ecosystem requirements

    3. Volumetric construction- state of the art

    4. Volumetric construction- supply chain requirements

  • BIM in construction management - masters course (5cr): Nov-Dec2017

    5. Volumetric construction- fabrication and installation/ DFMA

    6. Volumetric construction- Site management

    7. Volumetric construction- building services

    8. Volumetric construction- direct digital manufacturing

    9. Volumetric construction- BIM libraries

    10. Volumetric construction- Parametric thinking

    11. Volumetric construction- Systems thinking

    12. Volumetric construction- Need and opportunities for standards

    13. Volumetric construction- Design for maintenance

    14. Non-Volumetric construction- execution plans

    15. Non-Volumetric construction- ecosystem requirements

    16. Non-Volumetric construction- state of the art

    17. Non-Volumetric construction- supply chain requirements

    18. Non-Volumetric construction- fabrication and installation/ DFMA

    19. Non-Volumetric construction- Site management

    20. Non-Volumetric construction- building services

    21. Non-Volumetric construction- direct digital manufacturing

    22. Non-Volumetric construction- BIM libraries

    23. Non-Volumetric construction- Parametric thinking

    24. Non-Volumetric construction- Systems thinking

    25. Non-Volumetric construction- Need and opportunities for standards

    26. Non-Volumetric construction- Design for maintenance

    Best of Luck