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Watch out for QUOTE BOMBS!!!!QUOTE BOMB: a quote that is used out of context, with no introductory information and no follow-up information. Quote Bombs often happen when you know you must include a quote but you havent really thought about why you chose the quote you did.IN ORDER TO AVOID QUOTE BOMBS: BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT THE QUOTE(S) YOU CHOOSE TO USE. Quotes and summaries are meant to support your main idea or to expand your ideas. If you arent quite sure what a quote means, dont use it. Find something that moves your paper along. TRANSITION INTO QUOTES. Use transitional words or phrases to help your reader anticipate what will come next. Try some of these transitional words and phrases: admits points out proposes predicts reports responds reveals says concedes claims finds shows suggests thinks observes **See pg. 144 of the Prentice Hall Reference Guide, 7th edition for more info. about transitional words. TRANSITION OUT OF QUOTES. Help your reader see the connection between the quote or summary youve chosen to include and your idea. Make the connection VERY obvious. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are having trouble transitioning out of a quote or summary: Do you agree with the author of the quote? Why or why not? Does this text seem to support what youve found to be true? If the text complicates your argument, how do you respond to this? It may help to pretend like you are having a conversation with the author of your source.Created by Emily Russell ITT composition tutor


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