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This presentation is a visual summary of just a few recent brands designed by Pamela Hoke. Each demonstrate the whole-picture approach Pam takes to creating brands that make sense through balanced marketing research and form, and are built to succeed.


  • 1. The whole-picture approach RECENT BRAND DESIGN
  • 2. Introducing a new line of luxury. Soluna Yachts, LLC 255 Commercial Boulevard Suite 204 Lauderdate by the Sea, Florida USA 33308 Unique Performance... Down East Retro Design. Explore the best of both worlds. Wayne Helm s, President wayne@solunay Suite 204 Boulevard Lauderdale .351.0155 office 954954.351.0157 fax by the Sea, FL USA 33301 255 Commercial 204 vard - Suite 954.462.0116 ercial Boule 33308 255 Comm Florida USA by the Sea, Lauderdale www.soluna Coupe Soluna 46 Coupe Soluna 58 .351.0157 5 fax 954 office 954.351.015 www.solunaya rd Suite 204 cial Bouleva 255 Commer , FL 33308 by the Sea Lauderdale 116 m 954.462.0 www.solun
  • 3. oducer Executive Pr Gary Scott v pidfirefilms.t g.scott@ra 917 68 .4 .9874 eFilm apidFir w.R ww
  • 4. Reaching mil of fingertilions daily. ps World Leaders in Custom Search Solutions worldwi..e. d color palette Pure Pantone 2-color Pure Black/solid for promo Pantone 641 C CMYK 100/4/0/30 RGB 0/127/178 Web Hex #007FB2 Pantone 7412 C CMYK 0/42/100/7 RGB 232/151/25 Web Hex #E89719 reverse brand concept brand theme sample Pantone 369 C CMYK 59/0/100/7 RGB 108/179/63 Web Hex #6CB33F typestyling SuiGeneris (from logo chosen) - Title/Headings World Leaders in Custom Search Solutions CENTURY GOTHIC CAPS Sub-Titles - specific print text A new generation of search. Trebuchet, 60% Black - Web Text/editorial hyperlink, visited hyperlink World Leaders in Custom Search Solutions Reaching millions daily...worldwide
  • 5. Company A www.Danb Jamie Danburg, President rg-Hansen Company l, and Industrial Properties A Danbu A Portfolio of Office, Retai 33487 Boca Raton, Florida fx 561.997.9577 Avenue , Suite 3100 7700 Congress 21 A Danburg-Hansen Company 561.997.5777 ext Raton, Florida 33487 ue, Suite 3100 Aven Boca 7700 Congress fx 561.997.95 ph 561.997.5777 a 33487 Boca Raton, Florid Suite 3100 7700 Congress Avenue,
  • 6. ght meets the Sunli Where the Spirit or in the sun. ce. Come out dark lonely pla Addiction is a Or sun. Come out in the erience life... way to exp There is a x 214 P 954.421.6242 C 954.258.7729 John T Howe F 954-421-174 Officer Chief Financial john@floridaexper www.floridae # 2 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 al Highway Suite 505 South Feder new light. in a whole 505 South Deerfield Beach, FL way Federal High 1 3344 ouseExperienc www.FloridaH ion... use Experience miss The Florida Ho erm recovery 866.42 To enhance long-t sober living enviro nment. HouseExpe within a supportive www.Florida Deerfield Be hway in South Florida. Federal Hig ty near the ocean 505 South a new life in sobrie place to support Located in the ideal ce of mind. serenity and pea tion to continued The affordable solu
  • 7. BRAND ST YLE GUIDE Stuart B. Klein, P. A. Brand concepts Color Palette Registration Black/Pure Black paragraph text: 80% Pantone 7532 C RGB 119/100/65 CMYK 0/17/50/65 Web #776441 566 office 561.478.1 931 P.A. fax 561.478.9 Stuart B. Klein, m sbk@k Pantone 350 C RGB 0/71/18 CMYK 79/0/100/75 Web #004712 ING & PROBATE E LAW ESTATE plANN & CORPORAT REAL ESTATE Pantone 7494 C dens, FL 33410 Palm Beach Gar RGB 167/194/154 rd Suite 110 Typeface Styles 2801 PGA Bouleva OM CMYK 35/9/46/1 L AW. C WWW .KLEINS Web #A7C29A Trajan Pro - Headings/Titles MYRAID PRO, CAPS Horiz. 125% Sub-Titles Myraid Pro paragraph text web Adobe Garamond Pro paragraph text print REAL E S TAT E & CO R P O R AT E LAW E S TAT E PLANNING & P R O B AT E
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  • 9. Finally, free, safer community online networks.
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