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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest. The topic was: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World. Write about a particular issue concerning the position of women in todays society. For more information visit: http://www.socialscribblers.in/techkriti-blog-cause/


  • 1.The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rulesthe WorldA child grows up in the care of his mother; she is the world for him. She is the teacher for her child in his initial stages of growing. The informal education the child receives is from his mother. But this can be possible only if the mother is educated enough. Even though she moulds the character of the child who is the future of the country she has to continuously face the social evils of society i.e. illiteracy, dowry, ignorance, hostility, ridicule, economic slavery, etc. For centuries women were denied education. This was because the ancient people thought that the job of women was to look after the family and be responsible for the

2. bringing up of the children. Many women are still campaigning for this cause. However, as time passed people understood the importance of education. Many Non-Governmental Organisations and women reformers campaigned actively for this cause. Today, because of education, women have earned a lot of fame. They are now able to earn a living and dont have to be dependent on men. Women in India are now able to distinguish themselves as doctors, nurses, teachers, air-hostesses, banking clerks, receptionists, engineers, etc. They are ahead of men in almost every field. This has created some social equality between men and women. The women of India are today competing in sports and representing their nation at international events. This is a giant leap in the empowerment of women in India. In the past there were very few women who represented India at the Olympics. However, in the past decade, women have represented India in an increasing number of sports. This also represents the changing status of women in India. However still in the past decade, in the rural sector girls were still deprived of the right to education. The people living in rural areas think education is not essential for the girls. According to them, when the girls grow up they have to be married. Then they will engage themselves in household chores, will look after their families and children and therefore wont provide any economic returns to the family in future. This would mean a sheer waste of money. Poor people think that they are already poor and after investing in a girls education there would just be a loss of money. They also say that since their marriage involves a lot of money giving them education is difficult. Therefore the government of India has taken a lot of measures to increase the protection of women and girls. Even night schools are also established for working women and provided with safety measures. The government also made elementary education compulsory and free. This has driven the rural families to encourage their girl child to get educated and become responsible and intelligent and a bright citizen of tomorrow. 3. Earlier the uneducated parents did not understand the importance of education. They also did not want to take the risk of sending their daughters to other cities. But now since the parents are also educated they realize the importance of education and want their children including the girl child to get educated. They think that this investment in future would bring some fruitful returns to them as well as their country. This has helped to identify the true potential of women. Education has made women confident than ever before. Over the past two decades, India has gone through a lot of positive changes which have consequently resulted in the improvement of womens status in this country. Today parents are more proud of girls than boys. Todays Indian women are a symbol of strength and pride to the nation. They are living examples of how change in the thought process can result in a peaceful and healthy society. A lot more needs to be done to improve the changing status of women in India. With the current efforts of women empowerment organizations and government, the future of Indian women looks bright. -Rishita Jaiswal