SAFESTRIP H2020-2016 PROJECT THESSALONIKI, h2020-2016 project – thessaloniki, september 27th 2017…

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CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY SAFESTRIP H2020-2016 PROJECT THESSALONIKI, SEPTEMBER 27TH 2017 CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO FOUR EXAMPLES OF AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS PHILIPPE GOUGEON COLLABORATIVE PROJECT DIRECTOR CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY 2 SAFESTRIP H2020 PROJECT: CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO Philippe Gougeon Valeo Paris SAFESTRIP - Thessaloniki CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY 90% of accidents are due to human errors Drivers in Paris spend 78 minutes per day in their car Vehicles are parked 95% of the time 45% of the French population has no direct access to a public transport 3 CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO: FOR WHICH END USER NEEDS ? CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY 21MAR2017 4 DEPLOYMENT ROADMAPS Declaration of Amsterdam - April 2016 Ertrac Roadmap May 2017 CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY 5 CONNECTED AND AUTOMATED VEHICLES: NEW BUSINESS ALLIANCES Graph adapted from [DV Hardware, Intel and partners working on self-driving car tech for automotive OEMs, May 16th, 2017] Audi Baidu Bosch Continental TomTom ZF Microsoft Geely Changang NXP Grab Bosch Valeo Lyft Ottom-atika Qualcomm, IBM Cisco, Nokia Ericsson, Huawei, Telecom operators, SpaceX, etc. CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY 6 CONNECTED AND AUTOMATED VEHICLES: WHICH BUSINESS PERSPECTIVES ? [Goldman-Sach, Monetizing the rise of AutonomousVehicles, September 17th 2015] V2X + Embedded Modem = 13% of total L3 system cost CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONNECTED CAR: PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Valeo innovative functions & technologies for the connected car: from remote controls to telematics Advanced Remote Controls Passive Entry Passive Start Embedded Telematics 21MAR2017 7 CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO: SCOOP@F Valeo is involved in Scoop@F project for first deployement of C2X in France ITS and C2X Field Test, 3000 vehicles, 2000 km 2016: Equipments 2017: Field Test Use cases: Floating car data Dynamic speed limits Road work alerts, Accident signaling Traffic Information Park & Ride info Lead: French Ministry MEDDE (Energy Transport Sustainability) Main contributors: Renault, PSA, Valeo, Neavia, YoGoKo 21MAR2017 8 CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO: XTRAVUE XtraVue allows to see through the vehicle in front of your car Front vehicle has on-board camera Video streaming in wi-fi, and then 5G First presentation was at CES January 2017 21MAR2017 9 CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO: CYBER VALET PARKING Demo CyberValet Parking with Cisco at Indigo car park in Issy les Moulineaux in June 2017 Cooperation between infrastructure and vehicle 21MAR2017 10 Drop off Self park Park out Pick up Infrastructure equipment Order pick-up CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO: MOVINBLUE MovInBlue solution for car rental and car sharing in corporate fleets 21MAR2017 11 Use your Smartphone to Access and Start your Car Share your car with friends and family by sending a Virtual Key Synchronize your Smartphone for Car Status Update & Interaction Ready for Remote Park4U High level of Security based on Trusted Service Managers and Secure Elements Built in cooperation with the Worldwide Leader in Security CONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONNECTIVITY @ VALEO: CONCLUSIONS Efficient Connectivity can bring more safety, provide better traffic information, reduce wasted time, improve shared mobility, and much more Business landscape is far from being stabilized, new powerful entrants will come Valeo is contributing to associations and working groups shaping this new eco-system 21MAR2017 12 EATA mailto:david.roine@valeo.commailto:richard.denis@valeo.commailto:jean-philippe.le-gac@valeo.commailto:jean-philippe.le-gac@valeo.commailto:jean-philippe.le-gac@valeo.commailto:jean-philippe.le-gac@valeo.commailto:jean-philippe.le-gac@valeo.comCONFIDENTIAL FOR SAFESTRIP CONSORTIUM ONLY CONTACTS Philippe Gougeon Valeo Comfort & Driving Assistance Director, Collaborative Research Projects Tel : +33 (0)1 49 42 38 35 Mob: +33 (0)6 10 14 41 82 21MAR2017 14 Valeo CDA corporate movie mailto:philippe.gougeon@valeo.com