Say Cheese - Zales Commercial

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The photobooth proposal.


"Say Cheese"byMax PageZales30TVC(949) 230-7950 COPYRIGHT 2012EXT. CITY CENTER - DAYROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYS OVER:A MAN and WOMAN (20s), walk hand in hand. He points at a nearby photo booth.MANHey, what do you say?They exchange smiles and walk inside.INT. PHOTO BOOTH - CONTINUOUSIts cramped. They giggle as they try to get comfortable.WOMANWhere do you put the money?MANOh, here.He kneels to put in a few quarters and clicks the Prepare for Picture button. She gets herself ready.Meanwhile, he pulls a ring from his pocket and turns to face her.She turns--CUT TO:EXT. PHOTO BOOTH - CONTINUOUSA photo strip of four pictures comes out of the machine, each with a progressive expression.1. The surprise on her face.2. Her tearful smile.3. They hug in joy.4. Theyre beaming. She holds up her ringed finger.Cut to black slate and ZALES logo. Underneath reads THE DIAMOND STORE, beneath that: