Scheme of Work CL ??  Web viewLacks confidence in speaking. 39/42. Focus on speaking. None. Prefers grammar, ... Level 1 English – signpost to further learning. needs to be challenged in speaking.

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Scheme of Work CLCourse PlannerRARPA Stage 2 - Group Profile A group profile should be a summary of all the learning strengths and needs within your group, as established at initial assessment, and should be used to refine your course plan and scheme of work.PEEPs - does the learner need a Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) ie do they need particular support in order to evacuate the building in case of emergency?Learner NamePEEP required?Y/NFunctional skills/English/Maths/ICT levels Soft skills eg communication skills, team work, motivation etcSubject specific experience/initial assessment mark out of 42Additional support needs Learning styleAny other information NoNo IT skills needs support, not v interested,English and Maths level 2+Good soft skills, sometimes need to manage in groupwork settingStudied languages previously40/42Focus on listeningDyslexia self-managed, avoid ordering activitiesLoves writing set extension tasksFamily in ReunionInterested in geographyNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirementsGreat teamwork38/42Lots of informal experience, focus on listeningnoneInterested in literatureNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirementsLacks confidence in speaking37/42English tutorFocus on speakingNoneNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirements41/42Good grammarFocus on writingNoneNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirementsLow self-esteem pair with XX?40/42Focus on speakingnoneNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirementsLacks confidence in speaking39/42Focus on speakingNonePrefers grammar, not literatureNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirements37/42Focus on writingNoneNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirementsV motivated41/42Lots of informal experienceFocus on listeningNoneInterested in history, frequent trips to FranceYesLevel 1 English signpost to further learningneeds to be challenged in speaking36/42Finds listening v difficult needs support tasks.noneMakes good use of online resourcesNoLevel 2 +, adequate for course requirements38/42Focus on writingnonePrefers grammar/exercisesFamily in France, interested in historyYesLevel 2+, adequate for course requirementNeeds managing in groupwork setting35/42Focus on listeningVisual impairment, needs text close upIndividualised outcomes:Each learner to choose skills to focus on each term, as per initial assessment notesTopic outcome: let learners choose an aspect of the topic according to interest ie the literature text/film OR historical/geographical context1ACL Scheme of Work 2016/17 V1