September 23, 2009 Sunflower Project Monthly Conversion Meeting – September.

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September 23, 2009Sunflower Project Monthly Conversion Meeting September*Todays TopicsAgency Conversion PlansConversion TasksAssets Conversion Update*Optional Data Conversions:Customers (CNV003)Open Receivables (CNV012)Projects (CNV006)Purchasing Contracts (CNV008)Conversion Methods Available:Flat File Upload Online EntryAgency Conversion Plans*Optional Data Conversions Flat File UploadThe following agencies will participate in these conversions using a flat file upload:Customers (CNV003)039 Department on Aging173a Department of Administration - DISC288 Kansas State Historical Society565 Department of Revenue622 Secretary of State Open Receivables (CNV012)None Projects (CNV006)143 Kansas Corporation Commission276 Department of Transportation710 KS Department of Wildlife & Parks Purchasing Contracts (CNV008)629 Department of Social & Rehabilitation ServicesIf your agencys plans change and you decide not to perform one of these data conversions via flat file upload, please let us know by emailing!Agency Conversion Plans*Optional Data Conversions Online EntryIf your agency has NOT signed up to perform a flat file upload conversion for Customers, Open Receivables, Projects, or Purchasing Contracts (i.e., if your agency is not listed on the prior slide), you can still convert these transactions via online entry.Agencies should plan to spend time preparing for online data entry activities in March May 2010. Agencies should begin identifying resources from your agency that will perform the data entry.Agency Conversion Plans*Required Data Conversion:Assets (CNV009)Required for assets that are $5000 or moreOptional for assets that are less than $5000Conversion Methods Available:Flat File UploadExcel File Upload (Assets Data Entry Template)Agency Conversion Plans*Assets Data Conversion Flat File UploadThe following agencies will participate in the assets conversions using a flat file upload:046 Department Of Agriculture173 Department Of Administration280 Highway Patrol288 Kansas State Historical Society363 Kansas Neurological Institute410 Larned State Hospital494 Osawatomie State Hospital507 Parsons State Hospital555 Rainbow Mental Health Facility565 Department Of Revenue629 Department Of Social & Rehabilitation Services710 KS Department Of Wildlife & ParksAgency Conversion Plans*Assets Data Conversion Excel File Upload/Data Entry TemplateEveryone else will participate in the assets conversion using this method EXCEPT:RegentsAgencies that do not have assets > $5000Agency Conversion Plans*Past TasksAgency completes Agency Data Conversion Plans questions/survey (Task ID 215): Due 6/15/09 Agency submits data maps (Task ID 37): Due 7/16/09Agency extracts dataor inputs it into the data entry template and sends files to Sunflower Project for assembly testing (Task ID 23): Due 9/21/09Conversion Tasks Complete*How are Excel data entry template files submitted for the Assets conversion? Email the file to (Subject line: Data Conversion Test File).Use the following file name: XXX_CNV009 Asset Data Entry Template_MMDDYYYY.xls(x).Conversion TasksAgency #Date you are submitting the file*How are flat files submitted?Submit the flat file to the secure locations on the DISC mainframe.All test files will have a T before the file direction.Use the following format: XX.TTOSMRT.CN03.XXXX.DYYMMDD.THHMMSS.INConversion TasksAgency codeT for testSMART Conversion #: CN03: Customers CN06: Projects CN08: Purchasing Contracts CN09: Assets*Assembly Testing: Initial test with agency conversion files to shake out conversion programs and file transfer processes.Test files for this are due 9/21. Can submit subset of data that you plan to convert. Does not need to include all the transactions that you plan to convert.Sunflower Project will review and process the files between 9/21 and 10/31. Feedback will be provided to agencies as files are reviewed/processed.As initial feedback is provided, agencies should update conversion files.Conversion Tasks*Mock Conversion TestingThree rounds of conversion testing.Should include all transactions that you plan to convert. Test files for Mock 1 are due 11/5. Sunflower Project will review and process the files between 11/6/09 and 1/18/10. Feedback will be provided to agencies as the files are reviewed and processed so that agencies can make updates, as needed.Conversion Tasks*The file that I am sending to you for the 9/21 deadline contains all the data that I plan to convert. Can the Sunflower Project just use that file for the 11/5 deadline too? The Sunflower Project will provide feedback to you on the file that is submitted on 9/21. After any corrections are made, we can use that same file for the 11/5 deadline too.What kind of feedback will you provide us when you review/process our initial test file?Required fields that you left blankInvalid values in fieldsInvalid file structure (for flat files)Conversion Tasks*Do I have to send data in all of the fields in the conversion file?No, you only have to send data in the fields that are marked as Required in the data entry template/file layout.Whats the purpose of the data maps? Ive already created my assets data entry template!The data maps were supposed to help you to determine where your current data fields are going to go in SMART. If youve created your assets data entry template, then you have informally mapped where your data will go in SMART during that process.Conversion Tasks*Asset Category and Asset Type are no longer required. Asset Subtype field is still required.Based on the Asset Subtype, the correct Asset Category and Asset Type will be populated for each asset by the Sunflower Project via the conversion program. The list of Asset Subtypes posted on the website displays which Asset Category and Asset Type will default.Asset Category and Asset Type fields are not being removed from the file layout/data entry template. However, agencies no longer need to send values in these fields and can leave them blank in their conversion file. If values for Asset Category and Asset Type are sent in the conversion file, the values will not be processed. The Sunflower Project will default the correct Asset Category and Asset Type based on the Asset Subtype. Assets Conversion Update*The following updates have been made to the list of Asset Subtypes posted on the secure SMART website:A tab called Definitions was added to the Asset Subtype spreadsheet, which provides descriptions of the Asset Subtypes related to property/facilities. A new Asset Type called Historical Site was added to the listThe Asset Subtype for a network printer was changed from "Netwrk Printr" to Network Printer.Land Imprvmnt was removed from the list. It was replaced with:Depr Land Imp (Depreciable Land Improvements)NDepr Land Imp (Non-depreciable Land Improvements)Medical was removed from the list. It was replaced with:Medical Equip (Medical Equipment)Medical Sftw (Medical Software)Office was removed from the list. It was replaced with:Office Equip (Office Equipment)Office Furn (Office Furniture)Telecom was removed from the list. It was replaced with:Telecom Hrdw (Telecom Hardware)Telecom Sftw (Telecom Software)(ADA) Adaptive was removed from the list. It was replaced with:Adaptive Hrdw (Adaptive Hardware)Adaptive Sftw (Adaptive Software) Assets Conversion Update*Conversion SupportEmail with questions. Include Conversion in the Subject line of all emails.Schedule Office Hours with the SMART Conversion Team. Email to schedule an appointment.Attend Monthly Conversion Meetings. Visit secure SMART website to obtain file layouts: Click on Technical Resources tab at top of page. Dont have access? Email feedback on how were doing by completing the evaluation sent to you after this meeting. Refer to Q&As from this meeting on the SMART website. Click on Questions & Answers on the home pageOctobers Conversion MeetingWednesday, October 212:00 4:00LSOB, Room 106******************


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