Shakespearean Dictionary Project

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Shakespearean Dictionary ProjectAssignment: For this project you will use the words from the list below to create an illustrated Shakespearean dictionary. This dictionary will help in understanding the language presented in Shakespeares works for a better overall concept of their meanings. Of the 30 words below, you must select 15 for this project. Requirements: Each page will contain one word, its definition, and a visual image that represents the words. Each page will be neatly and appropriately illustrated. *You will be graded on thoroughness, neatness, creativity, and illustration. Below is an example of a page in your DictionarytisDefinition: abbreviation of it is, first recorded in mid 15th CenturyWord List: tis ope oer gi neer oft a een waxen eyne neaf aby wot upon afeard in to on against anoni eernew fair coy squareprevail ment beteem an collied


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