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    Catalogue of Choral Music in Sets

    Vocal sets are available for loan to local music groups on request to the Central Lending Library. Our standard loan is for 6 months. There is a charge per copy. Please ask for current rates. Single copies are not available from this collection. To request a set please contact the Central Lending Library. Tel: 0114 273 4727/9 Email: Composer; Title; Publisher; (Arranger or Editor where appropriate); Language where appropriate; Number of copies held. All works are for S.A.T.B. unless otherwise stated. Abbreviations: Arr - Arranged by Ed - Edited by

    S. - Soprano A. - Alto T. - Tenor B. - Bass

  • 2

    LARGE SCALE WORKS Composer Title Publisher (Editor) Language No. Copies BACH, C.P.E Magnificat Schirmer 1950 (Deis.) Latin/English. 20 BACH, J.S. Cantata 211 (coffee) (Arr. Baker.) Paterson 1923, 1950 English 20 BACH, J.S. Cantata 212 (peasant) (Arr. Baker.) Paterson 1924 English. 20

    Christmas Oratorio Novello (Troutbeck.) English. 39 Magnificat in D (Ed. Troutbeck) Novello Latin/English. 19 Mass in B minor Novello Latin 38 Motet: Jesu priceless treasure (Bartholomew) Novello English. 18 St. John Passion Novello (Atkins) English. 36 St Matthew Passion Breitkopf. German 36 St Matthew Passion (Elgar/Atkins) Novello 1911, 1939 English. 40

    BART, L Oliver Lakeview music 18 BEETHOVEN, L.V. Symphony No. 9: Chorale Finale (Swift) Gilman 1964 English 19

    Symphony No. 9: choral movement (An die freude: schlusstorm) Breitkopf. German 35

    BORODIN, A.P. Prince Igor: choral dance No. 17

    Concert version. (Winthrop Rogers) Boosey 1932 English 18 BRAHMS, J. German Requiem Op. 45 (West) Novello. 1947 English 40

    Song of destiny Op. 54 Novello (Troutbeck) English 20 BRITTEN, B. Ceremony of carols Op. 28 SSA Boosey & Hawkes English 39

    Hymn to St. Cecilia Op. 27 Boosey & Hawkes English 20

  • 3

    DVORAK, A. Stabat Mater Op. 58 Novello. Latin 60 ELGAR, E. Dream of Gerontius Novello 1900 English 20

    From the Bavarian Highlands Op. 27 (Elgar, A) Galliard 1901 English 20 FAURE, G. Requiem Hamelle Latin 16 Requiem: Ed. Ratcliffe Novello Latin 40 GERMAN, E. Merrie England: Choruses Concert version. Chappell English 17

    Merrie England Full vocal score 20 HANDEL, G.F. Acis & Galatea Novello (Barnaby) English. 20 L'Allegro. Shortened version Curwen (arr. Holst) 20

    Dixit Dominus Barenreiter 39 Judas Maccabeus Novello (West) English 60 King shall rejoice (Coronation Anthem) Novello 20 Let thy hand be strengthened 20 Messiah: Ed. Prout Novello (Prout) 100 Messiah: Ed. Watkins Shaw Novello (Watkins Shaw) 35 My heart is indicting (Coronation Anthem) Novello 20 Oh come; let us sing unto the Lord (Chandos Anthem no. 8) Novello 20 Samson Novello 40

    Solomon Novello 40 Zadok the Priest Novello 20

    HAYDN, F.J. Creation Novello 40

    Mass No. 2 in C Novello 35 Seasons Novello 60

  • 4

    JONES, Roger While Shepherds watched Anfield Music 20 MAUNDER, J.H. Olivet to Calvary Novello 20 MENDELSSOHN, F. Elijah Novello English. 75

    Hymn of praise Op. 52 Novello English. 20 MOZART, W.A. Requiem, K. 626 Novello (Best) English. 38

    Twelfth Mass K 232 (attributed to Mozart) Novello 58 OFFENBACH, J. La Vie Parisiene. Operatic Society version Weinberger 29 PALESTRINA, G.P. Missa brevis Chester (Washington) 17

    Stabat mater Novello 20 PARRY, C.H.H. Job Novello 40 PERGOLESI, G.B. Magnificat Walton 19

    Stabat mater O.U.P. 20 PETERSON, J.W. Carol of Christmas - 20 PURCELL, H. Ode on St. Cecilias day (1692) Novello 20 SCHUTZ, H. Christmas story Schirmer (Mendel) English/German 40

    Christmas story Chappell (arr. Butterworth) English. 20 STAINER, J. Crucifixion Novello 59 STANFORD, C.V. Song of the sea Op. 91 (Mens chorus) Boosey & Hawkes 20

  • 5

    SULLIVAN, A. Cox and Box Boosey & Hawkes 20 Gondoliers Chappell 38

    Gondoliers: choruses Chappell 17 HMS Pinafore Chappell 40 Iolanthe Chappell 40 Mikado Chappell 36

    Patience Chappell 20 Pirates of Penzance Chappell 55

    Princess Ida Chappell 18 Princess Ida: choruses Chappell 19 Ruddigore Chappell 19 Savoyards Boosey & Hawkes 20

    Sorcerer Cramer 21 Trial by Jury Chappell 41 Utopia Chappell 20 Yeoman of the guard Chappell 39 Yeoman of the guard: choruses Chappell 20

    THIMAN, E. Last Supper Novello 40

    Nativity Novello 20 Parables Novello 20

    VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. Fantasia on Christmas Carols Stainer 20

    5 English folk songs Stainer 20 Mass in G minor Curwen 20

    VERDI, G. Requiem Ricordi 30 VIVALDI, A. Gloria Walton. Latin/English 1

    Gloria : Ed. Cameron (New Novello) Novello Latin/English 40

  • 6

    VIVALDI, A. Gloria Ricordi Latin/English 3 Magnificat Ricordi Latin/English

    WALTON, W. Belshazzars Feast OUP 15 WEBBER, W.S. LLOYD Saviour 60 WILLCOCKS, D. Jingle Bells 25 WITTY, J.S. From Manger to cross Broadbent 20 COLLECTIONS Carols for Choirs O.U.P.

    Carols for Choirs (Bk 1 38 Carols for Choirs (Bk 2 37 Carols for Choirs (Bk 3 19

    Clarendon songbooks (unison) O.U.P. 11

    Invitation to Madrigals Stainer & Bell (Dart)

    Invitation to Madrigals Vol. 1 24 Invitation to Madrigals Vol. 2 24 Invitation to Madrigals Vol. 3 24 Invitation to Madrigals Vol. 4 24 Invitation to Madrigals Vol. 5 24

    Invitation to Part song Stainer & Bell (Bush & Hurd) Invitation to Part song Vol. 1 12 Invitation to Part song Vol. 2 12

    MORLEY Triumphs of Oriana Stainer & Bell 12

  • 7

    ANTHEMS, PARTSONGS AND MADRIGALS Works are for SATB except where another arrangement is shown ABT, Franz Thuringian volkslied, Novello 24 ADAM, Adolphe Les Enfants de Paris Comrades song of hope, SATB chorus Curwen 36 ADAMS, Stephen Star of Bethlehem, Boosey. (Arr Fagge) 12 ARCADELT, Jacques Ave Maria - give ear unto my prayer, Novello 27 ATTWOOD, Thomas Teach me, O Lord, Banks 15

    Turn thy face from my sins, Novello 11 BACH, J.S. Jesu joy of man's desiring chorale OUP 24 BAINTON Go lovely rose TTBB Elkin 24 BALFE, M.W. Bohemian girl - Gipsy girl, Novello Opera Choruses 48 BARNBY, J. Sweet is thy mercy. Soprano & Chorus Musical Times 22 BATESON, T. Adieu sweet love, SSA(T)B Stainer & Bell 12 If love be blind, Stainer & Bell 12 The nightingale so soon as April, SST(A) Stainer & Bell 12 Phyllis farewell, Stainer & Bell 12 When to the gloomy woods. Stainer & Bell 12

  • 8

    BEHREND, A.H. The earth is the Lord's, Chorus & Soli Boosey & H 24 BENNETT, John O sleep fond fancy, Stainer & Bell 12 Weep, O mine eyes, Stainer & Bell 12 BENNETT, Sterndale Blessed be the lord God, Novello 10 BRAHMS, J. Cradle Song (Wiegenlied), SA Curwen 24 BRIDGE, J.F. I will feed my flock Novello 24 BRIDGEWATER, T. Cantate Domino & Deus Misereatur

    SS soli & chorus 12 BUCK, Dudley Hymn to music Banks 12 BURNELL, I. Surely the Lord is in this place Novello 48 BYRD, William Awake mine eyes Stainer & Bell 12 Blessed is he that fears the Lord SSA(T)B(T)B Stainer & Bell 12 Come let us rejoice, SSAT Stainer & Bell 12 Come wonderful Orpheus, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 Lord in thy wrath, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 Lullaby my sweet little baby, SA(S)ATB Stainer & Bell 12 Mine eyes with fervency, SATTB Stainer & Bell 12 This sweet and merry month Stainer & Bell 12 Though Amarylis dance, SAATB Stainer & Bell 12 CAPEL, J.M. Love could I only tell thee Chappell 24

  • 9

    CLARE, Edwyn A. The eyes of all wait upon thee (for Harvest Festival) Novello (3 copies in Sol-Fa) 20 COLLERIDGE-TAYLOR, In thee O Lord Novello 24 Viking Song Curwen 11 COOKE, T. Strike the Lyre Curwen 24 COWAN, Marie Waltzing Matilda OUP, Arr. Thomas Wood 21 DANBY, J. Awake Aeolian lyre Novello 72 DAVIES, Ivor R. Old King Cole, SS Boosey 11 DICKS, Ernest A. Why do the Heathen Banks 66 ELGAR, Edward King Olaf: As torrents in summer, SS or SA Novello 9 Land of Hope & Glory Boosey, Arr Gagge 17 O wild west wind Novello 12 FANNING, Eaton Moonlight Novello 24 FARMER, John A little pretty bonny lass Stainer & Bell 12 Fair Phyllis I saw Stainer & Bell 12 O Stay sweet love Stainer & Bell 12 FRASER, Shena The Wren, unison Novello 12 GIBBONS, Orlando The Silver swan SAA(T)B(T)B Stainer & Bell 12

  • 10

    GIBBS, Armstrong The Jovial beggar TTBB Boosey, Arr Winthrop Rogers 12 GOUNOD, Charles Faust: Soldiers chorus Novello 48 GRANT, Cecil Take up thy cross, SA soli & chorus Enoch 34 GREVILLE, Ursula Come buy, unison Curwen 12 HANDEL, G.F. Judas Maccabeus: O lovely peace, SA Paterson, Diack 18 Spring, (Arr. Somervell) unison Curwen 24 HANFORTH, T.W. Saviour Breathe, S solo and chorus Banks 36 HARRIS, Cuthbert A Song of praise Banks 20 HATTON, J. L. Now let us make the Welkin ring Curwen 24 Over hill, over dale Novello 24 When evenings twilight Novello 12 HAYDN, J. Creation: The Lord is great, STB soli &

    chorus (English) Novello (Old Novello) 15 HILL, Lady Arthur In the gloaming Leonard, Gould & Bottler 24 JACKSON Te Deum Laudamus Novello 12 Te Deum Laudamus Pitman Hart (5 in Sol-Fa) 36 JACOB, Gordon Brother James's air OUP 19 JAMOUNEAU, A.J. The Lord is my light Jamouneau & Co. Hull 24

  • 11

    LLOYD, R.F. Let the righteous be glad Novello 11 MACFARREN, G.A. A Day in thy courts Novello 12 The Lord is my Shepherd Novello 21 The Lord is my Shepherd Sol-Fa edition Novello 19 MACY, J.C. Simple Simon Curwen 36 MARTIN, Easthope Come to the fair; 2 part song, S.A. Enoch 12 MENDELSSOHN, F. Elijah: Thanks be to God Novello Choruses 36 Hear my prayer Novello Anthems 24 I waited for the Lord, SS Novello 24

    I would that my love, for 2 sopranos Novello 36 Let all men praise the Lord, Chorale, SSATTB Novello 15

    O for the wings of a dove, 2 part chorus (female voices) Curwen 17

    Rise up, arise Novello 12 MOERAN, E.J. (Arr.) The Jolly carter OUP 12 MOLLER, F.W. The Cuckoo cries (Heute wandem wir ins

    blau) SA Bosworth 18 MORLEY, Thomas April is in my mistress face - Stainer & Bell 30 Blow, shepherds blow, SA(T)T Stainer & Bell 12 My bonny lass she smileth, SAATB Stainer & Bell 12 Now is the month of maying, SATTB Stainer & Bell 12 Say gentle Nymphs Stainer & Bell 12 Sing we and chant it, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12

  • 12

    MUNDY, J. Heigh ho! 'chill go to plough no more, SSAB Stainer & Bell 12 Lightly she whipped o'er the dales, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 NICHOL, H. Ernest The House of the Lord; Festival Anthem H.E. Nichol & Sons (1 copy Sol-fa) 36 Light at eventide H.E. Nichol & Son 24 NICHOL, H. Ernest O Worship the King H.E. Nichol & Son (3 copies in Sol-fa) 20 PEACE, Fred W. Praise the lord with Harp Linwood Music 48 PEARSON, William O sweet content! TTBB Novello 24 PILKINGTON, F. Amyntas with his Phyllis fair Stainer & Bell 12 The messenger of Spring Stainer & Bell 12 PINSUTI, Ciro In this hour of softened splendour Novello 12 When hands meet Novello 12 PURCELL, Henry Come ye sons of art. Chorus parts Schott 20 Evening Hymn York 12 QUILTER, Henry Drink to me only with thine eyes, TTBB Boosey & Hawkes 24 RAINE, A.W. The Lord is my Shepherd Banks 7 RATHBONE, George God sends the night Novello 21 On a merry May morn, SA Novello 23 REAY, Samuel The Dawn of Day Novello 36

  • 13

    ROBERTON, Hugh S. All in the April evening Curwen 16 Toy Soldiers. Unison song for children Curwen 12 Westering home, 2 part song Curwen 12 ROWLEY, Alec The Dancers; 2 part song for female voices Boosey & Hawkes 11 RUSSELL, Kennedy Vale Enoch 24 SCHUBERT, Franz To Sylvia, Arr. .J.E. West Novello 24 SHAW, Geoffrey He wants not friends that hath thy love Novello 36 How far is it to Bethlehem Novello 13 SHAW, Martin Fanfare: Gloria in excelcis Deo Curwen 12 SHELLEY, Harry Rowe Hark! Hark, my Soul Curwen (4 in Sol-fa) 22 SMART, Henry Be glad O ye righteous, Chorus + T & B Soli Novello 24 Te Deum Laudamus, in F Novello 24 STRAUSS, Johann The Blue Danube, Arr. Arthur Pearson Elkin 24 SULLIVAN, Arthur Haddon Hall: when the budding bloom of May Chappell 12 The Long day closes Curwen 36 The lost chord. Arr. Arthur Fogge Boosey & Hawkes 23 SYDENHAM, E.A. Be merciful unto me O God, Chorus & B. Solo Novello 24 THIMAN, Eric H. My bonny lass she smileth. Unison Novello's school songs 12

  • 14

    THOMPSON, R.G. What of the night? Choir Office 18 TOMKINS, Thomas Come, Shepherds, sing with me, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 Music Divine, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 Sure there is no God of love, SSA Stainer & Bell 12 TOMKINS, Thomas Was ever wretch tormented, ST(A)TB Stainer & Bell 12 TORRANCE, G.W. I will pray the Father Novello 12 Lord I have loved the habitation of thy house Novello 12 TOURS, Berthold Sing, O Heavens Anthem Novello 36 VERDI, Giuseppe Aida: Grand chorus from the finale, Act 2

    Arr. A. Thornley, SSTB Ricordi 11 See how the darkness of night dissolves (Gipsy chorus), STB Novello 12 WADELY, F.W. Turn Thou us Novello 35 WAGNER, Richard Tannhauser: Hail, bright abode, March,

    SATTBB Novello 12 Tanhauser: Joyful we greet thee, Grand

    march & Chorus, SAATTBB Boosey & Hawkes 21 Tannhauser: With grateful heart, Pilgrims

    chorus, SB Soli + TTBB Boosey & Hawkes 24 WALTHEW, Richard H. Bird raptures. 2 part song for SS or SA Paxton 12 WARREN, Peter Let me this day. Arr. H.R. Wilson SA Robbins 15

  • 15

    WEELKES, Thomas Now is my Cloris, SSA(T)TB Stainer & Bell 12 Phyllis go take thy pleasure, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 Sing we at pleasure, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 We shepherds sing, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 WEST, J.E. Hosanna we sing Novello 24 WILBYE, John Adieu sweet Amaryllis, SA(S)TB Stainer & Bell 12 As fair as morn, SAA(T) Stainer & Bell 12 Away thou shalt not love me, SSA(T) Stainer & Bell 12 Flora gave me fairest flowers, SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 I love alas, yet am not loved, SSA(T)B Stainer & Bell 12 Lady your words do spite me, SSA(T)T(B)B Stainer & Bell 12 Oft have I vowed SSATB Stainer & Bell 12 Sweet honey-sucking Bees, SSATB Stainer & Bell (transposed edition) 12 Thus saith my Cloris bright, SAA(T)B Stainer & Bell 12 Unkind, O stay thy flying, SSA(T)TB Stainer & Bell 12 Weep, weep, mine eyes, SSA(T)TB Stainer & Bell 12 Ye that do live in pleasures, SSAA(T)B Stainer & Bell 12 WOODWARD, H.H. Crossing the bar Novello 48


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