Sizing Up America’s School Libraries Highlights from the Second AASL Longitudinal Survey of School Library Media Centers.

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Sizing Up Americas School LibrariesHighlights from the SecondAASL Longitudinal Survey of School Library Media CentersOutline2008 response detailsResultsBy topic50th, 75th, 95th percentilesschool level, enrollmentRelated factorsregion, metro, poverty, public-privateOverall Response6,998 responses6,477 regular public schools242 independent schoolsPreponderance of responses generated by AASL membership (directly or indirectly)Response by LevelResponse by EnrollmentResponse by RegionResponse by Metro StatusOther ResponsesPublic-private status93% public, 7% privatePoverty statusRange: 0-100%, median 31%Low Response GroupsCharter schoolsOther school typesAlternativeMagnetSpecial educationVocational-technicalNote: All respondents included in overall results. Numbers insufficient to provide detail.Results by TopicStaffing (LMS and total hours)Staff activities (planning, instruction, budget)Collection (volumestotal & per capita, periodicals, average copyright)Technology (library & networked computers, remote database access)LMC visits (individual & group)LM expenditures (total & per capita)Total Staffing: Notable FactorsSchool Level: HS, 1.5 FTE; others 1.0 FTEEnrollment: 1k+, 2+ FTE; Instruction: Notable FactorsSchool Level: ES, 15 hpw; MS, 10; HS, 8Enrollment: 1k+, 10 hpw; 300-999, 14; < 300, 8Region: W, 12 hpw; NE & S, 14-16Metro: 15 vs 12 hpw non-metroPublic-Private: 14 vs 11 hpwLMC Hours: Notable FactorsSchool Level: ES, 35 hpw (8 flex); HS, 40 hpw (37 flex)Enrollment: 1k+, 40 hpw (35 flex); 700-999, 38 hpw (27 flex); LM Collection: Notable FactorsSchool Level: HS, 13k volumes; others, 11kES, 23 volumes/student; middle, 17; high, 12Enrollment: 2k+, 20k volumes; 1st AIDS drug (95), Dolly cloning (97)Copyright Year: Notable FactorsSchool Level: MS, 96Enrollment: 2k+, 96; Computers: Notable FactorsSchool Level: ES, 10 SLMC, 85 networked; MS, 22 & 149; HS, 34 & 200Enrollment: 2k+, 45 SLMC & 500 networked; Remote Database Access:Notable FactorsSchool Level: ES, 7/10; MS & HS 8/10Enrollment: 2k+, 9/10; 500-699, 7/10; LMC Visits: Notable FactorsSchool Level: ES, 60 individual & 23 group; others 200-300 individual & 20 groupEnrollment: 2k+, 700 individual300+, 20-27 group, LMC Expenditures: Notable FactorsSchool Level: ES, $5k; MS, $8k; HS, $11kEnrollment: 2k+, $22k ($9/student); Gearing Up for 2009Watch AASL website, e-newsletter, listservs, etc.Spread the word via your state / regional association, state library agency, LIS education program, etc.Help us improve returns from private & charter schools, other under-represented groups (magnet, special ed, vo-tech)Suggest 3-5 one-time questions on hot topicsPlan to participate & encourage your colleaguesGearing Up for 2009Communicate with us aboutHow you are promoting the surveyWhat you want to see from AASLPublications, productsHow you are using / want to use AASL dataWhat you want to see done with 2009 AASL dataContact InformationAllison Cline, AASL Deputy Director: Ann M. Martin, 2008-09 AASL President: Marcia Mardis, Chair, AASL Research & Statistics Committee:


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