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1. Skorovoz A food ordering service for IPTV 2. The idea An IPTV subscriber becomes able to order food directly from TV screen, using the IPTV STB. 3. TV is the homes biggest screen. Which allows for seductive visual offering. IPTV is always connected to high- speed internet. Its easy to make even a full-scale video presentation of an offering. IPTV is as powerful as a home PC. Quite enough to support smooth and sleek visual interface. Why IPTV? 4. There is a lot of food ordering services in the web. But you have to get up from the couch, go to the home PC, fire up browser, open the site... Too complicated! There is a lot of food ordering mobile apps. But again, you have to get up from the couch, get your phone, open the app Not easy. Skorovoz is here, just in a couple clicks when youre watching TV. The easiest way to order your meal. Why not web or mobile? 5. The service evokes from the IPTV service or info portal. The user places his or her order using the IPTV STBs remote. Skorovoz hands over the order to the chosen food delivery company. The food delivery company delivers the order to the customer. The courier gets paid by the customer. The food delivery company pays Skorovoz a fee for each placed order. How Skorovoz works 1 2 3 4 5 6. Collects and updates food offerings, provides users with the TV interface. Hands over received orders to corresponding food delivery companies. Keeps tabs on orders execution. Keeps customers informed by SMS and on-screen. Provides customers with a telephone hot-line. What does Skorovoz do Food delivery company Skorovoz Customer (IPTV subscriber) Food offering (data) Service UI Food order Food order Confir- mation SMS Delivery Payment Fee (royalty) 7. Under the bonnet Food companies Back-End CRM Call center Customer care service Offerings Service UI Orders Orders IPTV front-end 8. Skorovoz user interface One-minute video clip: 9. During nine months in 2012-2013 Skorovoz was tested with an IPTV company in Russia which has some 80 thousand subscribers. The service was available in 35 cities, featuring more than 250 food brands. During this test launch, we collected valuable data on conversion ratio, average check, recurring and cancelled orders ratios. Tried and true Our goals Prove the concept behind the service Measure Conversion Ratio (Visitor to Customer) Measure Average Check Measure Recurring orders and Cancelled orders ratios 3,8% of visitors place orders $28* +21% recurring -13% cancelled Results * A country-specific value 10. 1 000 000 IPTV subscribers 3,8% conversion ratio + 21% recurring orders - 13% cancelled orders x $28 average check x 9% average royalty from food companies $ 1 539 821 per year per 1 mln. subscribers This is a conservative estimate of Skorovoz revenue when launched on an IPTV network. Revenue per million subscribers 11. We have created and successfully tested Skorovoz. You have your loyal IPTV subscribers. We are offering you to make more money by making Skorovoz available for your subscribers. In order to achieve that, well need to: design and code users front-end for your IPTV STB; build business relations (sign contracts) with local food delivery companies. We are eager to share 25 to 50% of services profits with you. The exact value depends on how difficult it will be to program front-end and how many subscribers you actually have. Proposal for partnership Lets get started! 12. The company Thank you for your attention Skorovoz was created and implemented by Mobile Active LLC, a russian-based company with 10+ years on IT&telecom services market. With its 35 talented employees and constant drive for innovation, Mobile Active seeks to become your valuable partner. Regarding Skorovoz, you are welcome to contact the companys founder, Ilya Mikov: Mobile: +7 912 061 00 15 Skype: bkmzbkmz