Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel Capo 1srt fret Dm brass ri s Dm Dm/B [Dm/A Dm/G D bass & guitar ri s ouY…

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SledgehammerPeter GabrielCapo 1srt fretDm brass risDm Dm/B[Dm/A Dm/GD bass & guitar risYou could have a steamDtrainC D CGIf you'd justDlayCdown your tracksD CYou could have an aeDroCplane yingD CGIf you'd bringDyourCblue skies backD CAll you do isBmcall meI'll be anything you needD CYou could have a big dipperGoing up and down, all around the bendsYou could have a bumper car, bumpingThis amusement never endsI want toBmbeC Emyour sledgehammerBm CWhy don't youEmcall my nameBm COh let meEmbe your sledgehammerBm CThis willEmbe my testimonyYeah.... Yeah....Show me round yourDfruitcageG DCos I willDbe yourChoneyDbeeOpen up yourDfruitcageG Dwhere thatDfruit that isCsweet as canDbeI want to be your sledgehammerWhy don't you call my nameYou'd better call me sledgehammerPut your mind at restI'm going to be your sledgehammerThis can be my testimonyI'm your sledgehammerLet there be no doubt about itSledge.... sledge.... sledgehammer|: Dm Dm/B[Dm/G :|I get it right!I've kicked the habitShed my skinThis is the new stuI go dancing inWon't you show for meAnd I will show for youPlease, show for meI will show for youYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI do mean you only youYou've been coming throughI'm going to build that powerBuild, build up that power,I've been feeding the rhythmI've been feeding the rhythmGoing to feel that power, yeah, build in youCome on, come on, help me throughCome on, come on, help me throughYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, youI've been feeding the rhythmI've been feeding the rhythmIt's what we're doing, doingAll day and nightGAB2