So how easy is it to get kids to play in schools?

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  • 1. So, how easy was itto get kids to playin schools?

2. Some milestones from the last academic year(2012-13) 1.7 lakh kids experiencing the EduSports program in schools 270 schools 70+ cities NDTV Nirmal Lifestyle Marks for Sports partnership Forbes Top 5 Startups to watch in 2013 Top 50 Leaders Changing Education (Education World) EduSports as a case study in the 14th edition of Philip KotlersMarketing Management (South Asian Edition) 4th Birthday on Jan 16th 2013! And many more.. 3. So, how easy was it? 350,000 EduSports classes conducted as part of the schooltimetable. 200,000 kms: Distance covered by Delivery Managers 500,000 kms: Distance covered by Regional Advocacy Managers 220,000 assessment report cards printed 200,000 sms received by the MeraSport system 100,000 balls used 3000 boxes of props shipped to 80 cities 17.2 kms (yes, kilometers!) of EduSports packing tape used 4000 emails received by HR team 16,000 calls received by the Accounts Team 25,000 calls made by the Accounts Team 4. And some more Campuses visited: 30 Total students interviewed via campus/off-campus/Naukri: 3300 Hired & trained: 200 People yet to reach the EduSports office : 7 No. of pages of curriculum, workbooks & processes: 1800 Hours spent on all curriculum, workbooks & processes : 4500 1000 school leaders met 120,000 parents met 10,000 meetings across India And a lot of chaos, night-outs, last-minute fire-fighting.. 5. And what happened? Kids played. With lots of other kids. Kids got fitter & happier. Kids made friends. Lots of them. Parents said their kids blossomed. We got Thank you notes. Special physically-challenged kids played. And loved it. So did we. Teachers said kids were more focused in studies after theEduSports program. Kids had fun. Yes.we made mistakes. And learnt fast. 6. 1,70,000 childrenbetween ages 1.5 years and 15 yearsexperienced the magic of sports. Across 270 schools & pre-schools.In 72 cities across India & 4 overseas.What a ride! 7. Getting kids to play is a lot of hard work! But its worth it.Enjoy the journey! +91-9886004133


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