Spreadsheets An Introduction for 5 th Grade. What Is A Spreadsheet?  A tool used to sort, organize and manipulate data.  Spreadsheets make it easy to.

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SpreadsheetsAn Introduction for 5th GradeWhat Is A Spreadsheet?A tool used to sort, organize and manipulate data.Spreadsheets make it easy to display information A spreadsheet is a grid that organizes data into columns and rows Why Should We Use a Spreadsheet?It helps sort and organize data.It is easier than using paper and pencil.It will do the math for you.One number can be changed and everything will be recalculated for you!Data can be turned into a graph with just a click of the mouse!Spreadsheet Vocabularycell-one box in a spreadsheetrow-a series of cells going horizontally column-a series of cells going vertically formula-telling the computer how to do the mathHow To Move Around In a SpreadsheetMouse - click where ever you want to go nextTab - lets you move to the next cell in the same rowEnter - lets you move to the next cell in the same columnCursor (arrow) keys - let you move anywhere within the spreadsheetLets Look at a SampleLets Look at How Spreadsheets are UsedSpreadsheets can add, subtract, multiply and/or divide columns of numbers for us!Spreadsheets are often used in budgeting or any tasks involving numbers or moneyWe will be creating our own spreadsheets and using them to do the math for us!This is a sample spreadsheet. Notice the different columns. In the Extended Price column, there is actually a formula to multiply the quantity times the Unit price. It figures out the total cost of each item. If the price changes, when you make the change on the computer, it will automatically recalculate the total cost. If you want to change the quantity, it will also automatically recalculate the total cost!


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