Startup Camp Berlin 2013 Speaker Presentation

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Startup Camp Berlin 2013 Speaker Presentation


Speaker presentation!The conference mixing aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs and investors!15-16 March 2013!Why be a 2013 Startup Camp speaker?!!! 500+ participants!! Established in Berlin since 2011!! Reach out to 2500+ members of Entrepreneurs Club Berlin e. V.!! International audience & speakers that will grow your business!! Meet customers, investors, entrepreneurs, bloggers & press!! Share your knowledge with the stars of tomorrow!!! Participate in the making of new ideas and startups! 15-16 March 2013!Main Topics 2013!!! Funding: Business Angels & VCs and Crowdfunding !! PR & Sales Bring me the fame & Show me the Money !! Agile, Scrum & Lean Startup: work smarter not harder !! Tracking, Measuring & Testing: Building stones for your success! !! Where to find Developers? Near-Shoring, Off-Shoring? !! Legal, Taxes, HR What you need to know !! Social Entrepreneurship Doing well by doing good !! 15-16 March 2013!2012 Startup Camp numbers!Investors!7%!Students!15%!Startups!24%!Supporters!12%!Others!11%!Media!7%!Entrepreneurs!24%!! 350+ participants!! 40+ speakers!! 80 CampChamp participants!15-16 March 2013!Some of our past partners & media!15-16 March 2013!We would love to hear from you. !!+49 157 39625098!!philipyatan!Organized by!Yatan Blumenthal!COO Startup Camp!15-16 March 2013!We would love to hear from you. !!!davidnagy9!Organized by!David Nagy!15-16 March 2013!We would love to hear from you. !!+49 176 77557714!!Organized by!Sascha Schubert!15-16 March 2013!