Staying Safe Online. Who are we ? What do we do ? Why are we here ?

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Staying Safe OnlineWho are we ?What do we do ?Why are we here ?Who are you in cyberspace?What is Digital Security? Security of your digital identity What is your digital identity?First line of defence Passwords Device security Browser security Connection security Content securitySecure Email & ChatAvoid automatic sign in/remember me on computers Browsing through HTTPSAvoid saving chat history Can webcam turn dangerous?Backing up emailsSecure use of Social MediaSocial media is your social space Think before you uploadGrandma TestWhat goes up, stays up FOREVERSecure use of mobileSetting up passwordsTransfering data regularly to a secure locationDeleting all personal information (files, pictures, videos, contacts) before selling off the cellphoneTakeBackTheTechWhat constitutes harassment?Infringing on someones social spaceAbusive behaviorCyber StalkingCyber BullyingUnsolicited AttentionWhat to do?TakeBackTheTech ToolkitPortable AppsPolicies Legislations & Policies & why should you careLack of Cyber crime legislation, Data Protection legislation, Privacy LegislationWhat does this mean for businesses & individualsWhat can you do? How can you get involved?*