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Social Media Marketing Tools Presentation Sally StieglitzLS 580 W1April 29, 2012

The Rabbi Adam D. Fisher LibraryIs growing

from strength to strength

In the past two years, we have.Built a collection of Jewish books and media for our congregationCreated story time programming for the Religious School studentsOffered congregants a warm and welcoming place for Jewish lifelong learning

What is our next step? We need to grow its community of users by letting the congregation know about us

The best way to do this is to market our library

What is Social Media?

Social Media is An ongoing, web based conversation with patrons aboutour libraryour collectionour programsour mission and goals

We can harness the power of social media to market our libraryThrough social media, we can communicate with our congregation and share information about what we have to offer

And at the same time.learn about the needs and wants of the congregation to make our library more responsive to them

What is Facebook?Facebook is a social networking site with over 845 million active participants!Organizations such as libraries can create Facebook pages at no cost toShare posts, photos, links, videos, surveysPromote events, both past and futureDiscuss the library with usersBuild interest in the library and increase usage

What is Pinterest?Pinterest isA virtual pinboard on which we can use to share images A marketing opportunity to create a visual connection with our users by sharing photos of library events, interests, and collection items

What is Twitter? Twitter isA short text message to followers Each tweet has only 140 characters, or lessA brief and concise way to share information or generate interest in the library

What is YouTube?YouTube isA video sharing website that we can use to show our community events that have taken place at the library or promote upcoming eventsshare Jewish themed music videos, humor, and informationshow our support for our community and for Israel

Social media is a marketing tool That is free and popular

That was recommended by the National Jewish Outreach Program for synagogues as a way to reach membership and bring new people to the congregation

That can also be used by our library for community outreach

Social media works for libraries becauseIt creates trust and reciprocity with our library patronsIt builds a bridge to our patrons, when we engage them and connect with them

What is the cost? Most social media marketing tools are free to join and use

There is a cost of the time to create and maintain a social media presence

strategyA good strategy would be for us to start with a Facebook page Facebook allows us to measure activity on our page through an administration panel that gives feedback on likes and other traffic on our page

From our Facebook page, we can add a link to our webpage andFrom our webpage, we can add a link to our Facebook page

Social media allows for our platforms to be interactive and interrelated

Eventually, should we decide to use other social media, such as Twitter, Youtube, or Pinterest, they too can be linked to our Facebook page and to each other.

Marketing Social media is an ideal way for us to begin to market our library

It allows us to go where our patrons already are, to reach them with our message

Social Media allows us toParticipate in two way conversations with our patrons

Build a long term relationship with them

Through the Connections created by Social MediaOur Library will continue to Grow

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